Thursday, November 21, 2013

Pope Francis. Kicking off his shoes update.

Very interesting developments over the last few weeks.

First, Pope Francis prayed the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass Ad Orientum.

I know. Fr. Z wasn't all that impressed. But there's a bit more.

This rocked.

I still cry when I see the pictures.

Love it.

And how about this homily on progressives.


Ductus Exemplo

And then there was the leaked letter on the old hippies who instituted the bologna school.

Then...the kooky interview came down. And, he reported he was afraid his interview would be misinterpreted.

He's on a roll!

But, this was my favorite and I'll tell you why in a minute.

And, he made clear the criticism from Catholics faithful to the Magisterium is important to him on more than one occasion

Why do I think this is so important?

First and foremost, he is living his vocation as a Father of our family and he is a witness to the dynamic that families communicate what is going awry to their father and mother - and when we've prayerfully discerned we have made a mistake, we make changes accordingly.

Sometimes, maybe even most times, we are unaware of our good faith creative attempts to tend to the needs of one person in the family, is backfiring in other ways. As a parent, I always encourage my children, my family, my friends, my colleagues, my neighbors -- to articulate these things to me.

The cult mentality of the Mark Sheas of this world are on notice. The Pope has let the air out of their balloons.

It is duly noted that over the course of the past few weeks, the homilies and off the cuff remarks of the Pope have not generated a farcical trajectory of our Magisterium.,
The Ship is just sailing peacefully on Its course and there is much love. Everywhere.

I know so many Catholics struggling with Church teaching who have been hurt and alienated by the mischaracterizations of our religion who love this Pope. It brings great joy when they tell me they like or are attracted to Pope Francis. I am still praying and watching how I can assist on their journey back to Christ's Church and Sacraments.

Always raise your voice in the public square when you know that somebody's foolishness is or will drag too many souls into the abyss.

People whose mission is the same as ours will always know exactly what we are doing and why, and will respond accordingly.


Anonymous said...

I Love Pope Francis and I Love what he is doing - but he did cause me some sleepless nights wondering.

God has been merciful again and has given us a CATHOLIC Pope.

One thing that is extra nice is that we no longer have to wait very long for a Pope to actually take ACTION. I am impatient and Pope Francis does not keep me waiting for NEWS or ACTION. Some of it may be "messy" but at least we do not have to wait for lawyers or committees to dumb things down to dribble.

I am having FUN and especially having FUN at the 10th Crusade!

ur olde fren

TTC said...

I still have a few sleepless nights!

Nice to hear from you!