Sunday, December 15, 2013

Every time I see headlines that Pope Francis gave an interview...

Before I read a word of it, I say out loud...Oh no..Here we go again!

He corrects the misunderstanding that he admires or promotes marxism and states women should be valued but not clericalized.

Looking forward to the cacophony..

By the way, not to be a stickler for details....but...

There were no doubt nazis who were good people. They got sucked into a vortex of the empirical tyranny of the government that gives out free stuff with one hand and murders with the other.

The fact that they were good people makes their complicit and explicit involvement in mass murder all the more difficult to stomach.

One cannot overlook the fact that the political philosophy of marxism involves imprisoning, persecuting and murdering the weak and oppressed.

Let us have the decency to speak the truth: Those same marxists who are good people trivialize violent oppression and murder.

Nuttin good 'bout dat.

Fr. Z's take HERE.


breathnach said...

Giving aid and comfort to an atheistic ideology is "anti-evangelization". The Pope is a double talker.

Anonymous said...

Amen, breathnach! And so are his "explainers"!

Anonymous said...

BTW, Fr. Z's whole "Reading Francis Through Benedict" schtick is deader than vaudeville, livery stables and PanAm.

TTC said...


He changed the name back, didn't he?