Sunday, December 29, 2013

The Jesuits stack the Confessional with lay shrinks in Linz

They've been severed from the power of the Sacraments because the truth is not in them, what would be left but to call in the shrinks.

I wonder if we will hear the sound of crickets from Pope Francis until the entire Catholic population of Germany and Austria is completely severed from the Body of Christ by the schismatics.


Anonymous said...

The problem is with the fact that even formally trained psychologists have difficulty with patients. If serious counseling or spiritual direction is to be made available, it should be done outside of the confessional. Besides, not all penitents need substantial counseling. A priest should be trained to refer penitents who need it to the appropriate parties. Otherwise, this threatens to cause more emotional and spiritual damage than intended.

Steve Dalton said...

Psychiatrists and psychologists deal with people who have brain disorders that hinder them from perceiving reality as it really is. A sinner with a normal brain that's not reality impaired doesn't need such care, he needs to confess sin and receive direction on living a holy life. A psychotic person need medical care that will restore him to sanity first, only then can confession help him.

TTC said...

Very well said!

The idea that the Holy See would permit an entire City of Catholics to be robbed of Sanctifying Grace by these spiritually disordered religious order demonstrates reckless misfeasance and malfeasance of Pope Francis administration.

The Jesuits need to be put into receivership and its hierarchy replaced with heterosexual men who are faithful to Church teaching.

TTC said...

Perhaps, in light of Pope Francis ludicrous judgement on where and what to spend time disciplining, what faithful Catholics should do is organize a public petition to do so?

We could make a thousand page list of errors being taught in the schools under their control, and ask him to place the Jesuits under the receivership of a faithful shepherd.
IMO, that is our course.

TTC said...

Perhaps Newman can helps us do so.

JB said...

This can't be true? Doesn't the Pope HAVE to do something in this kind of situation? It's a frontal assault on one of the seven sacraments being carried out by people in his order - - of which he is now the absolute head.


TTC said...

I believe so. The disclosure came from the Linzer Church Newspaper and has a picture of a blue headed shrink sitting at a table with three chairs in the confessional with what looks to be a priest dressed in street clothes though it could be another woman in pants. My eyes are not that good and the pic is from far away.

The HolyFather seems to have conveyed he has absolutely no intention of making judgments or doing anything about about apostate priests who are misleading and robbing souls of salvation.

Given the very public disosures that the Jesuits are feminizing men and masculating women, leading them into immorality and murder for decades- and given Pope Francis statements that parents concerned about this are sourpusses who are obsessed with small minded rules, and given his focus that his discipline is dismantling a faithful religious order, my conjecture is He will not do anything about it unless we raise an army against it and put the onus on him to do something about it in the public square.

Anonymous said...

Carol, go to and launch a petition.

TTC said...

Thanks for the thought. I don't know anything about that site but will check it out. I do get a lot of referrals from those reading the Mark Shea petition. LOL.

I am thinking I would like to approach this appeal to our Holy Father within our family.

In the past, I've spent years trying to get help for victims of spiritual abuse internally and found nothing but a process that retaliates with slander, threats and bullying. Admittedly, I have little patience left to waste too much time before burning down the town approach - which always seems to work. That is what is effective. I'd like to give this new administration a chance or two before I go that route. (Always send the paper trail to the Nuncio and Rome - even if one decides to scorch the earth.)