Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Fr. Barron on Andrew Greeley

"In defense of Andrew Greeley".

Andy walked into the restaurant wearing a beautiful parka with a great hood and carrying loads of his books, which he offered to me and Bill as gifts. I was twenty-eight at the time, and I will confess to being a little star-struck. For the next couple of hours we talked and talked about all sorts of things: the Church, of course, but also literature, poetry, sociology, theology, Chicago sports, and politics. As Fr. Greeley talked, his eyes darted back and forth and a little grin always threatened to spread across his face.

Being with him was intoxicating.

I certainly hope Fr. Barroon means he and Andrew Greeley got drunk together, rather than the prospect that he went all gaga in the presence of a prelate who led souls into porn and apostasy.

So he 'star-struck', eh?

I knew I smelled a celebrity fetish.

I suppose it's a good thing his friend didn't introduce him to Charlie Manson.


Steve Dalton said...

Fr. Barron has never impressed me. As far as I'm concerned, he's a liberal in conservative clothing. He's anti-death penalty, a believer in theistic evolution, and buddies up to Mark You-Know-Who.

TTC said...

This is a priest with an unusual range of understanding Catholic theology. Some if his theology is right in the money. Then, out of nowhere, he will say something kooky as itnpertains to the theology if salvation and common sense he should have to deliver it.

I have always suspected that he knows better but is wrapped around the wheels of pleasing his audience as a celebrity.

All I know is, his discernment can't be trusted, and I don't have time or interest in feeding my mind and soul koolaid.

breathnach said...

Carol and Steve,

I've had the similar misgivings concerning Father Barron. My impression is that he is an instrument of the U.S. Bishops. He's helping to keep "conservative" Catholics on the reservation. A clerical version of George Weigel. He says plenty of good and valuable things, but when it hits the fan he's carrying water for the clericalist interests of the US Bishops.

breathnach said...


What is it with people who can't deal with charm?
BXVI apparently was personally fond of dissenter extradoinire Hans Kung, even had him for dinner in the the Papal quarters. Yet knew the man was theological poison and pulled his theological credentials. Unfortunately too many prelates want to be deceived.

TTC said...

Plenty of solid Catholics had dinner with me and enjoyed my company whilst I was struggling with Church teaching on contraception. The time they spent was helpful in my own conversion on the subject matter!

I always accepted and preached that the Church was the authority on the subject matter, even though I had my own misunderstandings and ignorance.

What I would never let them do as I struggled is "defend" me as a theologian in good standing to articulate Church teaching. Especially if I died with my errors incorrect end in the public square.

I thank God I have had the opportunity to leave no room for doubt as a legacy to those I love and care about, especially Christ's Church.

The facts are that Fr Greeley perverted and twisted many a soul and his "work" will have the power to di so after death. Especially if numbskulls write eulogies "defending" and breathing life into his perverted writing, or telling people how gaga you were over him.

If that makes sense.

Alan Aversa said...

Barron says hell is a "possibility," not a reality; that's heresy. Voris demolishes him, contra Shea et al.