Sunday, January 26, 2014

Pope Francis says women should play expanded role in Church.

Pope Francis is purported to 'insist' that women take on greater responsibility for the Church, using their gifts of sensitivity and intuition toward the weak and unprotected in society.

Do you think Pope Francis is looking for my phone number?

This could be it.

Stop laughing.

Seriously - it sounds like he knows exactly where and how the gifts of women are most effective.

Still, I posted the following to his twitter account:

Top five clues the intuition of Church ladies is a dud

5. Has an Obama sticker on her car.
4. Reads America Magazine and National Catholic Reporter.
3. Does Yoga.
2. Doesn't count Rosaries. 
1. Is looking for a greater role in the Church.


Anonymous said...

The question is what kind of women is Pope Francis seeking to have an expanded role in the Church? Perhaps Mother Angelica? How about Judie Brown?

My fear is he is looking for women whose idea of lectio divina is thumbing through the NRC.

Anonymous said...

Stll a chance for lady cardinals (in addition to the one already there)?

Anonymous said...

I suggest that the Pope visit Mother Angelica in Alabama when he comes to the USA and wash her feet. That is a great message to America.

I agree with Carol's great post today and I beg the Pope to apppoint a WOMAN (Carol McKinely) as the Apostolic Nuncio to America. That would be just GRAND INDEED!!!!!!

There are 2 Great Women your Holiness and 2 great ideas to begin to the New Evangelization in America - now the ball is in your court Pope Francis.

Anonymous said...

"Still a chance for lady cardinals (in addition to the one already there)?"

Who's the lady cardinal you're referring to?

TTC said...

Nuncio. Hysterical!

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

So what will your first official action be, Madame Nuncio? 8-D

TTC said...

A pride parade right out of the USCCB?

My second act will be calling a locksmith.