Monday, January 13, 2014

Jesuits Cut John Dear Loose

Living in Boston and knowing how bad the Jesuits who are still in good standing, I'd love to know exactly what John Dear did to get kicked out!

Since the mission of the religious order has been contradicting Church teaching in academia and the public square for decades, it obviously had nothing to do with his apostasy.

Discrediting and undermining the Catholic Church is ok, but the rug will get pulled underneath your feet is you discredit the terrorism of the Obama administration!

That was his waterloo!


Anonymous said...

John Dear got a Dear John letter from the Jesuits.

Anonymous said...

I'm very traditional but I like this Jesuit Fr John Dear. He is against the insanity of nuclear power and WMD weapons and torture and war for Bankster profits-power.

I would rather that the Jesuit Black Pope fire the Jesuits who teach immorality and heresy to children and college students.

breathnach said...

Carol, spot on. John Dear failed to mute or at least "nuance" his "peace and social justice ministry" while a far Leftist Democrat is in the White House.

Case on point: Another Jesuit, Father G. Simon Harak (I had him for humanities as a freshmen in H.S. pleasant fellow,never received a spiritual vibe of any kind from him) runs a Jesuit "Peace Center" at Marquette. During the G.W. Bush years Harak was all over the country giving talks, "peace" and "non violence" clinics and seminars all over the USA. Since publicity.....muted "peace activity".....apparently under Obama it's all good-peace has broken out all over the world. He still runs his "Peace Center" at Marquette but now it's all very abstract and peace is much more complicated and bashing the incumbent President or loud activism is a no go.