Saturday, January 11, 2014

The Boston Globe's Reformation of the Catholic Religion

As you may already have heard, the Boston Globe has hired John Allen of the National Katholic Fishwrap.

I've had my eye on their crusade to demoralize the culture for two decades.

Ignorant of the culture war, I learned what was being taught about human sexuality at the local junior high when my oldest was in second grade.

A degrading caricature of preteen girls as a sexual receptacle for teenage boys that literally came with 'how to' lessons.  "How to" for teenage boys and "how to" protect yourself against sexual diseases and dispose of created human life for pubescent girls.  The 'sexual freedom' of turning women into vulgar and immoral people takes years of training in public schools.

That's how and why I became involved in the culture war.

Several years before the 'sexual crisis' exploded in the media,  somebody sent me a link to an obscure private website wherein several employees of the Boston Globe were actively reaching out to find victims of priestly sexual abuse.

Of course, there is nothing nefarious about that initiative.

If someone came to me with a story of victimization and the mishandling of a pedophile priest by the Church, led me to other victims - I'd pursue that lead myself.  If I found corruption that put children in harms way, I'd expose it.

Things that put people in harm's way - inside and outside of the Church - is what this blog is all about.

But the content of that obscure website, which included forums where people could post, began to take on a network of various recognizable militant culture warrior groups - women priest, married priest, planned parenthood, abortion and gay marriage groups.

What would they be doing helping the Boston Globe flush out victims of pedophile priests?

Several months later, I learned that these various culture warrior groups were actually quite organized and had simultaneously been working under the radar with a group of priests in the Archdiocese.  Boston priests with long histories of advocating sexual immorality (in particular to our homosexual brothers and sisters) had formed a group and named themselves the Boston Priests Forum.

I wondered if these two initiatives were tied together.

I networked with faithful Catholics to plant moles into their meetings and learned that Boston priest Rev. Walter Cuenin was on top of this local fiefdom.   On top of him was Notre Dame apostate priest Fr. Richard McBrien.

By the time the Boston Globe stories began hitting the fan, these groups were established in various parishes under the name of "Voice of the Faithful" and poised to take over the reform of catechesis and ministries.

It was all very well orchestrated and they selected Boston, I presume, due to the sheer number of unfaithful priests who long to see prohibitions against immorality, sin and murder of the innocents formally lifted by a reigning Pope.

The network of priest and lay reformers is fizzled and fractured but still very much exists.  The Chancery in Boston, and consequently catechesis, is being controlled by them.  The Cardinal has left the building and everything has been structured to report to committees of lay people whose decisions are controlled by appointees with agendas to 'reform' Church teaching.

All being controlled by the people in control of the money.  The Archbishop is out of the picture.    I suspect this 'reform' is what is currently under the nose of the Pope.

In watching the most recent brazen moves of Frs. Unni and Garrity, along with recent coverage in the Boston Globe of Pope Francis supposed reformations  -  I suspect that the hiring of John Allen is not a coincidence.

Local power broker of the Democratic National Party, Jack Connors (discussed many times on this blog and on Boston Catholic Insider) is very influential at the Boston Globe.

The Boston Globe is already laying groundwork for the next phase of their reformation.

Here is a story about Catholics in the age of Pope Francis.

Péan has built her life around the church. When she was in her early 20s, she started a mission church in Luly, an impoverished village in her native Haiti. The congregation grew from four members to more than 200. She sat with mothers of sick children, prayed with fishermen in their boats, even preached on Sundays. Everything a priest does, except for the sacramental work forbidden to women — marriage, baptisms, the consecration of bread and wine. 
The experience deepened Péan’s love for her church — and her impatience with it. She wants the all-male hierarchy to let women and unordained men do more, make more decisions, even participate in the election of popes... 
Pope Francis feels almost like a colleague. Maybe it sounds audacious, but Péan thinks that is how he would see it, too...I like his radicalism.

Here is another quote from a parishioner of one of Boston's renegade priests:

Richard McGuinness , 47, grew up in a close-knit family in West Roxbury and Norwood. He flourished, socially and academically, at Xaverian Brothers High School and the Catholic University of America.When he came out as gay in his 20s, he never saw it as a religious crisis. These days, he goes to Mass every week at St. Susanna with his partner of nine years.“I’ve never let the church’s hang-ups bother my faith,” he says. “I grew up with this religion. It’s my religion. . . . I don’t want middlemen of the cloth interfering with my relationship with God.”Coming to terms with his sexuality, he says, “kind of corrected me.” It helps him, as someone who has been privileged in so many ways, understand what it means to be ostracized.“Is it God-given? Probably,” he says of his sexuality.But sinful? No...
he is glad that Francis is changing the tone and retraining the church’s focus.

“I think about the nuns that have dedicated their lives to those who live in poverty, who are educators, nurturers, nurses — they’re like the troops of the church. And what do they think when they hear these bombastic directives on homosexuality and gays? They need backup.

They sure do.

When one of the infamous dissident priests, Fr. Steve Josoma, protested clustering his deceptive and disordered parish with a faithful parish, the Cardinal backed Fr. Josoma up:

Bates worries about her parish’s future. The plan by the archdiocese to cluster parishes had initially proposed pairing St. Susanna with another more traditional parish in town, St. Mary. Parishioners at St. Susanna protested, saying there were too many differences in the parishes’ finances and pastoral and spiritual approaches. Plans have been put on hold temporarily.

With momentum from Pope Francis, the Boston Globe ran an article yesterday stating that for Catholics, natural law is one path to accepting gays.

Catholics take great exception to the foolish notion that the Catholic Church doesn't 'accept' gays.

Attractions to sin is the very reason why every single person in the pew seeks the Sacraments of the Catholic Church and Properties of Divinity in the Eucharist. These things are food for the battles we wage against attractions to sin.

Homosexuals have never been unwelcome or excluded from the price of our soul's salvation.

What is unwelcome are agendas and materials that lead Catholics to accept same sex attractions, assume them as their identity and then act upon them.

What is unwelcome are agendas that prohibit our priests from explaining the proper disposition of those attractions: celibacy.

Catholics can never act upon SSA attractions. We can't live with our lovers. We cannot set up an abode, adopt children and hoodwink them into the misunderstanding that by going to Church and sitting in the pews as a family, the absence of teaching of moral theology means the sexual relationship of their parents is accepted and no longer a sin.

The manifestation of this disordered conclusion doesn't just spiritually injure the children of that family.  The disordered conclusion is forcefully foisted upon the entire parish of Catholics who take the mission of the salvation of their children's souls seriously.

Prohibitions against teaching the appropriate response to SSA attractions in our schools and parishes for the sake of that one family are damaging thousands seeking the proper judgment and tools of the Church to resist temptation.

This outcome is not welcome and it can and never will be welcome.

Yesterday's story implied that Pope Francis can or will change the definition of 'natural law'.

I can say with certainty that is not where Pope Francis will be when the dust settles. Pope Francis will go to his grave without making changes to Church teaching on the subject matters important to the cultural warriors.

Pope Francis, however, can do further damage to the culture if he proceeds on his current trajectory. Intentional or unintentional outcome of damage is actually irrelevant to the fact that his statements will be used to pervert minds and souls.

The Globe also ran a story on how the amoral and immoral proscriptions of the secular culture has in the past clashed with Christian evangelical churches.

But in the past several years, a new current has arisen in conservative evangelical thought: A small but significant number of theologians, psychologists, and other conservative Christians are beginning to develop moral arguments that it’s possible to affirm same-sex relationships not in spite of orthodox theology, but within it. In books, academic journals, magazines, blog posts, speeches, conferences, and campus clubs, they are steadily building a case that there is a place in the traditional evangelical church for sexually active gay people in committed, monogamous relationships.

I suspect that John Allen is being brought to Boston to help the culture warriors lead a media crusade to misinform and calibrate Pope Francis' statements. Again, I also suspect that it is not a coincidence that Frs. Unni and Garrity are rising to publicly and brazenly distort and pervert Church teaching.

Boston lay Catholics had much of this stamped out and they were flying under the radar for the last three or four years.

The secular culture has been overcome by the prince of this world. I suspect the momentum of the battle for the soul of the Church is intensifying and at hand. It is more organized than we think or know or care. It is at hand.

Keep your eyes on The Boston Globe.


THERESA said...

Thank you Carol and God Bless you in all your efforts. It's not at all lost on me that the ear of our esteemed Cardinal Sean , as well as the Bishop of Rome is held by the diabolically to whether or not it witting or unwitting ? after reading an older post of yours on Fr Coyne .....his letter to the cardinal seemed to describe this Papacy.

TTC said...

A Statement by Ron Coyne

SUBJECT: A Statement by Ron Coyne

The following letter I sent recently to CardinalO’Malley. Thought I’d share my thoughts with you as well.

Dear Cardinal O’Malley,
It was good to see you at B.C. High on Tuesday.
There was in the past close to 100 priests attending that Mardi
Gras gathering. This year around 30 (including Jesuits and
Staff at the school).
I mentioned to you how happy and surprised I was to hear you mention publicly that a married clergy is a possibilityin the Catholic Church although you think it unlikely. I also
told you I would write with my recommendation for the next Pope. Since I am unacquainted with the candidates and their backgrounds I think it’s only right that I just share some of my
dreams for the future.
The Catholic Church that we know and love is on life support. We have a major image problem and in many ways have removed ourselves from the life of the average Catholic.
The Vatican has been a source of pride for many Catholics and we have been a very powerful influence in the world, sometimes entering into areas that muddied the waters between
Church and State (politics & religion).
I strongly believe that during our history we have competed with secular authorities and have adopted their penchant for titles and robes that has set us apart from people rather than unite us. The number of Catholics emotionally, spiritually or physically invested in our Church is dwindling
fast. Every country in the world benefits from the Church’s presence and ministry. Education liberates the inhabitants of these countries. It has in the U.S. and it will in Africa, Asia
and Latin America. That liberation effects every area of knowledge including theology.
The priorities that I would like to see present in the next Pope would be openness to conversation and dialogue with all of God’s people especially with Catholics who have
convictions that differ from our present teaching. I believe titles and robes make that almost an impossibility. It is a barrier that has to be withdrawn.
Our concept of God truly determines our view of ourselves and humanity. Our understanding of God as among us and within us rather than apart from us is lived out in the life
of Christ. He loved those no one could love, touched those no one would touch, healed those no one would heal and forgave those no one would forgive. Our new Pope needs to lead by
example. Contrary to the teaching of the Second Vatican Council our Church has recently moved to restore an understanding of God that is demanding and distant. The prayers of the new
Roman Missal are the latest indication of that shift. We need a Pope who will identify with the Second Vatican Council and implement it’s documents.

TTC said...

A Statement by Ron Coyne

The church needs to have a leader who is comfortable with his humanity and expressing himself. The way we receive people who come into our presence or our lives is an
indication of our self-image. Pictures of the Pope meeting with private or general audiences and with the Church hiarachy itself, is so scripted and cold in appearance. It does
not put people at ease.
The way in which bishops are selected and the limited authority of organizations like the NCCB need to be looked at honestly. We need to encourage priests to be selected for these
ministries and positions not because of orthodoxy but because their lifestyle makes God’s presence known especially to those among us given the least opportunities.
As long as we continue to move in the direction of restoring the Church to pre-Vatican II theology we will continue to remove ourselves from the lives of everyday Catholic people. We need a Pope who can admit that the Church is a human institution that has made mistakes and poor
choices at times in our history. We need a leader who can admit that God cannot be captured by any religion or any words. God is beyond organized religion and no religion has
the truth the whole truth and nothing but the truth. That’s why theology is such a challenging science and why biblical studies can be so exciting.
Our papal history is not something of which we can always be proud. Some of those who have held that position have done serious damage to the gospel message during our
2000 years. So our teaching has not always been consistent. Being able to admit that history can be good for the Church. I don’t believe that the next Pope’s ethnic background
is the number one priority. His theology must be. My 2 favorite lines from the New Testament are from Romans: “God shows no partiality” and “Nothing can separate us from
the love of God”. If I believe that, I have to live it. I wish you the best as you prepare to travel to Rome.
What a privilege you have of being such a major part of Church history. You and the Cardinals from around the world are in my prayers and the prayers of the people of St. Mary’s
in Randolph.
If by chance there is an American selected as Pope, I believe it will be you.
Ron Coyne

TTC said...

Knowing with 100 percent certainty that Cardinal O'Malley is aware that Fr. Ron Coyne has been misleading souls into consenting to sin and temptation - one wonders why he has consistently selected advisers and appointed administrators who hold these visions to carry them out.

This concept seeks liberty through obstruction and dismantling of moral theology of the Roman Catholic Church.

My jury is still out on the Pope. Based upon mounting evidence, momentum is gaining to convict him of the charges.

It sounds, walks and talks like a duck.

If he proceeds, we will have to take certain measures to ensure the deposit of faith is preserved for Christ's heirs.

As I have mentioned thousands of times, this means finding a place and a priest within the Church and hunkering down there until the plagues pass.

I have begun the steps here in Boston to identify which parishes are theologically dangerous. I am not certain it is wise to identify faithful parishes at this juncture but will seek advice. That might have to be done by networking (as we do now but a bigger network).

In any event -the parishes where this schismatic operation has been functioning for years has to be available publicly for unsuspecting and uncatechized families - and those new in town who will be searching to find their families a spiritual home.

I may add content to each parish as it rears its ugly head.

breathnach said...

Well done Carol.

The same strategy and tactics have been utilized by the secularist Left to re-fashion the media, education and the popular culture. It has been aptly called "the March through the Institutions". The secularists within the RC Church have accelerated their drive to accomplish the same goals. The crisis has been brewing within the Church's institutions for generations. It's current version has roots (with Catholic elites) in the postwar years.Initially the Left secularists believed with Humanae Vitae that they had their turning point. However, the outward revolt fizzled after 1968, but the secularists were strengthened within elite Church circles. They continued burrowing within seminaries,religious orders, Catholic universities, Catholic Charities,Catholic media, the USCCB and other church bureaucracies and chanceries. Now with the success of an assertive Leftist political and cultural movement they are making direct alliances with political and media entities like the Boston Globe. It is quickly becoming evident that our highest clerical offices are (at best) passive and complacent in this effort. It is more likely that their connivance is active. Statements like :"who am I to judge?" are conscious and work to undermine any response to the culture of death by faithful Catholics. The Pope does not need to change dogmatic teaching in order to hand over a hollowed out, institutional husk of a Church to the "spirit of the age".

breathnach said...

The underlying meaning of the Pope's statement is actually: "Who Am I to teach?"

Anonymous said...

Yes, this is Satan's hour. The hour of darkness. The Prince of the world has come upon the world. And he made his dwelling place in Boston.

thomas more said...

The voice of the faithless is a better term.

I always find it interesting why evil always
has to blot out good. It is actually an inferiority
they exbibit.

And although they destroy they are fruitless,
sterile and ultimately defeated.
As to the Globe hiring Nat Catholic Reporter
writer it may not make a difference.
Our oppressive national media has never quoted any genuine Catholic newspaper like the National Catholic Register besides being genuinly Catholic is a more intelligent sophisticated and better written

Patrick said...

The bureacrats working for the Archdiocese
have been utterly secularized. O'malley has
all the moral backbone of a chocolate eclair.
What a difference in Rhode Island where the
bishop leads the flock according to the teachings
of Christ.

John Locke said...

john henry will have to rent a bus and bring his Globe reporters to a local farm so they can observe what 'natural law' is.

They truly need remedial education in very basic things like what a bull and cow do. A rooster and a hen.

Natural law is a given. And all the muddleheads at Morrissey Blvd cannot change
what they did not create.

Perhaps John Henry could bring his guitar and
compose some simple lyrics to help the poor
folk there understand. Something to shake them out of there artificial existence.

''The wheels on the bus go round and round''
Or 'Old McDonald'.

TTC said...


That anyone could believe any human being, including the Pope, is capable of the counter creation of God's natural laws is a frightening example of the power the devil can have over our intellects.

It gives me the willies.

Observing the devil's power delude people into believing something absurd is what drives us to keep vigilant watch over our souls. Keeping that wretched ancient liar and murderer as far away from my intellect as possible is on my mind constantly. All he needs is an open door. Once he is in, he immediately cuts off communication between my soul and Divinity of Christ in the Eucharist. His wiles are so subtle it's almost impossible to detect his counsel. Unless one is on top of and judging thoughts against the Magisterium of the Church.

This is why Pope's Francis instructions to religious superiors to stop teaching moral theology and making judgments about right and wrong responses to temptation to sin is so catastrophic.

TTC said...

Thomas, nicely said.

They have dissenting priests and theological bird brains on tap. There is a plethora here in Boston.

Some of the comments in the article from the people who filed out of parishes led by apostate priests should be disconcerting to the Cardinal and the Romans.

Perhaps they figure it's the devil harvesting his own and it isn't their role to take the actions that limit or prevent him from collecting inside of our parishes.

Doesn't exactly strike me as how a father thinks. Does it to you?

Anonymous said...

Have any of you experienced the community at St. Susanna's? The integrity and Christ-like nature of Steve Josoma? The actual--heaven forbid--living out of the teachings of Jesus?

I didn't think so.

Anonymous said...

Carol, please let me know which media I can use to get a response from you. I tried Facebook, you might not have seen it. Thanks. Diane(stepsister).

john locke said...

I wrote to the Archdiocese about the use on the word 'transgenger' and 'Gay'. The use these terms but the catechism does not recognize any such thing. A person must accept their sexuality and given nature as a gift from God. And the Archdiocese instead of stating this out of love is hurting these people. One cannot change one's nature.

Science can cosmetically and with sugery alter the body but male and female nature is not changed.

Terms used by the homosexual advocates like 'gay' which is a political movement meaning 'good as you' are at war with nature and reality'
and this is evil.

I always laugh when they use words like 'natural' while they are destroying the environment with their number one pollutant estrogen which is flushed into sewer system with their beloved pill and deforms fish with two sex organs and other ghastly things.

Truly they are at war with the natural and evil
always destroys never creates and can only
mock creation and not love.

My heart breaks and I pray for them.

TTC said...

John, there's a picture on the left side of my blog of the ancient serpent underneath the feet of Mary. Mary, the Ark of the Covenant, the symbol of Christ's Church left for our salvation, is holding children way up high in the air where the devil cannot get to them.

Because the children are unhappy they don't have access to the filth the devil offers, these people are lowering them into the pit and trying to tell us their actions are related to their love for their children.

What a crock.

Here's your crackpipe kid. Let's call it a lollipop so when other children see me giving it to you, I can say it's manifestation of my love for you.

When I come back to Fr. Crackpipe's parish and see dozens of children with crackpipes hanging out of their mouths, when I turn on the television and see thousands smoking crack pipes - I can delude myself into believing I had nothing to do with it.

Love like that will be seen in hell.

TTC said...

s for priests who tell souls the crackpipe they hand out is holy crackpipe, their immortal soul will be charged with and burdened by the sentence of every man woman and child whom they told the crackpipe was virtue.

What a turd show it all is.

TTC said...

Hi Diane, if you click on my profile, there should be an email address there. I did not see a Facebook message but if I don't go there for sever days, messages can get buried.

I hope everyone is well.

TTC said...

"Have any of you experienced the community at St. Susanna's? The integrity and Christ-like nature of Steve Josoma? The actual--heaven forbid--living out of the teachings of Jesus?

I didn't think so.

January 12, 2014 at 10:48 AM"

Would you say the same thing about a 'Christ-like' oncologist who injected you with cancer cells every time you went to him for treatment?

The devil is always a well-mannered and charming individual.
Please allow him to introduce himself.

Anonymous said...

This is why Pope's Francis instructions to religious superiors to stop teaching moral theology and making judgments about right and wrong responses to temptation to sin is so catastrophic.

Carol, when and how did the do this?

TTC said...

Anonymous - use our friend Google.

Google: Pope Francis, Jesuits, moral theology