Saturday, January 4, 2014

Little Monsters

One could devote the contents of an entire blog to keeping an eye on what the Pope is saying!

Today, we find Pope Francis explaining that priests can become little Frankensteins and this gives him the goose bumps.

Francis, who headed the Jesuits' novice training program in his native Argentina in the 1970s, also warned the superiors of some of the failings of seminary training, or "formation," such as when would-be priests merely "grit their teeth, try not to make mistakes, follow the rules smiling a lot, just waiting for the day when they are told 'Good, you have finished formation."

"This is hypocrisy that is the result of clericalism, which is one of the worst evils," Francis was quoted as saying, returning to the issue of clericalism — or a certain cronyism and careerism among the men of the cloth — that he has frequently criticized.

The training of priests, he said, must be a "work of art, not a police action."

"We must form their hearts. Otherwise we are creating little monsters. And then these little monsters mold the people of God. This really gives me goose bumps," he was quoted as saying....

"I am not speaking about people who recognize that they are sinners: we are all sinners, but we are all not corrupt," Francis said. "Sinners are accepted, but not people who are corrupt."

What is this gobblygook supposed to mean?

The entire matrix of the Jesuit religious order is corrupt and they are teaching said corruption to hundreds of thousands of souls in our schools, apostolates, magazines, newspapers and periodicals.

He could not possibly have missed the 350 elephants in the room with him.

Moreover, why would Pope Francis hand-pick a Cardinal to advise him on restructuring Rome whose own Chancery is one of the worst examples of cronyism in the 2000 year history of the Roman Catholic Church?

Are we to believe the Pope told the superiors of the Jesuits that the monster in the Church is the teaching and preaching of moral teachings?

During his homily, Francis told his fellow Jesuits to use mercy, not morality, when they preach.

Do I understand that he is telling religious superiors not to teach seminarians the moral teachings of the Church and to teach them not to teach it?

Monsters in the church of Pope Francis are priests who teach the substance of the Catechism. Those little monsters create monsters who teach the moral teachings of the Church to the people of God, inside of their parishes and homes.

Seminaries are places where the artwork of theological mistakes and errors are to flourish and are training camps for forming priests so they do not teach the substance of the Catechism.

See what he's getting at?


I sure hope this is another misunderstanding.

A lot of us are developing a severe case of the goosebumps.

Here is more context.


breathnach said...

Jesuit formation of the 60s, 70s, 80s to the present has created covens of monsters. I experienced their laissez faire catholicism in the 70s and 80s. I'm not surprised that our worldling Bishop of Rome was a formation director during that period. He calls for more of the same.

TTC said...

I don't know Breathnach. Who knew that the 'anxiety of the void' could be proposed as a spiritual destination.

As God as my witness, I just don't know.

Anonymous said...

Every time I read Francis' new comments--I get DEPRESSED! I wish I could wake up form this nightmare and find Benedict still the pope.

Anonymous said...

If you recall Francis said "make a mess" and sister, he is doing a first class job of it.

Anonymous said...

Its time to stop listening to the "coverage" of the Pope's words as if the media is the Magisterium. Its time to listen to what the Holy Father is actually saying...

TTC said...

That young man is on fire. Seeing his love for Christ's Church made me cry. thank you for bringing it to us.

We know - or at least hope we know - where his heart is and what he is saying. But that is not enough my friend. It is not enough.

Judgment matters.

There is a judgment problem when the Pope selects Cardinal Weurl to advise him on the qualities necessary for a Bishop in the United States.

Context matters.

And many of his messages are out of context in a different way - and that way is scandalizing faithful Catholics.

We have to ensure that while we are rolling this out, the truth and the magisterium is not scandalized.

Many times here I have rushed to throw up a blog post and found a person taking it out of context. Most times, it is a person who is uncatechized and twisting it. Occasionally, it is the way I've said it or what I didn't say that to complete the context.

I had to learn that every post needs to be complete. I can't assume people are reading here every day and know the context. It is a lot of work and forethought and effort. But for the sake of a person who is googling something they are confused about or seeking clarity upon or suffering - that is what I do.

The truth is, the Pope is not doing it.

The truth is, it is not just what he isn't saying. It's the trajectory of his insults. Who and what he finds offensive. The tapestry of eight months worth of insults forecloses the caricature that Catholics who are finding theological flaws are the sedevacanists and mean old sourpusses in the pews.

Very high-ranking, rational, calm and faithful Catholics have the decency to be honest.

TTC said...

"If you recall Francis said "make a mess" and sister, he is doing a first class job of it."

Very funny!

TTC said...

nb - I hope what we are trying to convey is understood.

The Holy Father was speaking to the formation of Jesuits. Unless you have been living under a rock and are completely unaware of what the Jesuits have been teaching three generations of Catholics in our schools, this homily is positively ludicrous.

Do not teach or preach morality?

How about telling them not to preach immorality.

That is what needs to be said.

Anonymous said...

It is time for someone to consult the Argentinian equivalent of the Catholic Directory and pull the statistics comparing numbers of seminarians at the beginning of the current Pope's reign as archbishop and at the end. Did the numbers increase using his approach? How about numbers of baptisms? Marriages? Parochial school enrollments? etc.

Anonymous said...

Catholics should respect the office of the Holy Father as Vicar of Christ and seek out what he really said and meant rather than blindly and childishly attack him like protestants.

TTC said...

If only the baptismal duty and call were that simple. Catholicism is not a religion that is every man for himself.

Catholics are not simply concerned about their own understanding. We are concerned about our children and grandchildren and relatives and friends and neighbors and all who are listening to the Pope and using what he is saying to give in to temptation and sin.

People who have been spiritually misled are not in the right state of mind and spirit to want to seek and find the truth.

Catholics speak on their behalf.

The Pope is not a sissy. He knows that what we are doing and saying is about love and salvation.

They must be said.

TTC said...

n.b. you are evidently new here and did not take a look around to see that I am neither blindly or childishly "attacking" the Holy Father.

TTC said...


There is a wee bit of license in the knowledge our sweet, loving, down to earth Pope does not have this blogger's unlisted telephone number.


Anonymous said...

He seems thoroughly confused to me. His penchant for name calling strikes me as strange as well. "Little monsters" now. Is he referring to the homosexuals who infiltrated the Church in the last 50 years? The priests who confused the faithful with ambiguous feel good sermons for years with little if any substance? You would think so, but he's not.

He's referring to priests who teach morality. Now, in that category, there are probably a few who are excessively harsh and rigid. i know of one who actually sounded sad when he spoke of God's mercy, but that is a clear exception.

We are through the looking glass as they say.

Anonymous said...

"Not a true pastor but a destroyer."
-Saint Francis of Asissi

Maria said...

And what of all the little monster ideologies in the Society of Jesus? Business as usual.