Friday, January 10, 2014

Monsignor Paul Garrity Blasphemes the Holy Family with the claim 'there is no such thing as normal'

Boston Catholic Insider has details HERE and HERE.

Monsignor Garrity's vulgar and execrable remarks about the wife of St. Joseph, spouse of the Holy Spirit and Blessed Virgin as an 'unwed mother' gave way to the ghoulish theological erratum that the "first family of Christianity reminds us that there is no such thing as normal", and we must therefore "applaud the virtues' of the modern manifestation of the Holy Family in the creche of erotica at the Playboy Bunny Mansion.

Many Boston Catholics have (once again)asked the bishops for intervention. Please keep them, and this spiritually disoriented priest, in your prayers.


Kd said...

St Timothy writes, let no one deceive you in any way, for the day of The Lord will not come unless the apostasy comes first.. St. Jude's Gospel is short but writes directly to our times and Heretics, woe to them! It is also written, and I abbreviate here, tell the sinner the sin is wrong, tell them once, tell them twice, bring a witness, still if they persist Woe to them... IS Cardinal Sean really trying to bring on the Apostasy? Or just doing a Great Disservice to his flock? Woe, woe, woe that's all I can say and pray to St. Jude the Saint of the Impossible to HELP us here under the Archdiocese of Boston!

Mary's Child Mariann said...

I, too, read the Monsignor's homily in another blog and they asked that people write to Cardinal Sean and the Nuncio...I'll try to copy mine here and see if their contact emails show up. God bless you.


Your Eminence,

Yesterday, I read the homily of Msgr. Garrity, which is contrary to Church Teaching. By now I am certain that you have had the unfortunate opportunity of reading it as well. If our Msgrs. are preaching lies from the pulpit, our children will be misled by those entrusted with proclaiming His Word; our Lord has made it very clear on the Justice reserved for those who mislead these little ones. As a parent of 4 beautiful children, I am thankful that I am not a parishioner where Msgr. Garrity "pastors", for what parent wants to leave Sunday Mass needing to correct their Pastor on such serious issues.

I understand you may be receiving numerous concerns with regard to Msgr. Garrity; however, I hope to hear from you regarding what steps are taken to correct all errors of his homily as well as what action is taken for Msgr. Garrity to understand Church Teaching and proclaim Truth, not perversions.

Your sister in Christ,

TTC said...

Mary's child, beautiful letter. There are at least six parishes here headed by pastors who are brainwashing children into confusion and error.

These men are the not just being permitted to do so through omission of intervention. Heresy on moral teaching, in particular on human sexuality in same sex attraction, is a requirement to get appointed or hired to positions that control catechesis of our children in this archdiocese.

There is something very strange and disordered going on. Not to mention disturbing.

Something needs to be done about it. After close to ten years of it, you can imagine how faithful priests are operating. To survive, it is necessary to withhold teaching Catholics their right and wrong judgment.

Who in their right mind can operate like that?

Knowing and in some cases seeing the damage being done as the Cardinal is shuffled off to clap proaborts politicians into office with the promises his office has shut down operation to evangelize Church teaching as it pertains to the killing and demoralization of Her people.

Many are trying to excardinate. The situation is really bad. Really bad. And if the Pope is under the delusion he is going to build our families upon this ape of Christ's Church, we all need to buckle up.

KD, great quote from scripture.

Anonymous said...

TTC, I don't suppose you'd give us the other parishes? No individual names just the parish? And does anyone have that direct line Francis uses to call people? Ha. Cardinal Sean is so quick to remove innocent Priests for false accusations yet leave these men to destroy Souls! Woe woe woe...

TTC said...

Anon , yes, I will get something up about dangerous parishes

TTC said...

I've started a weblog and will be adding dangerous parishes over the next few weeks.

If anyone knows of any faithful parishes in the vicinity of listed parishes listed already, please let me know.

Kd said...

Love the New Blog! Excellent!

theresa said...

Hi Carol...I was just reading a post of yours from March 2013.....It seem Fr Ron Coyne got everything on his wish list in our new Bishop of Rome

Anonymous said...

Carol, You forgot to write about Holy Family in Concord. When Cardinal Sean visited there at the end of last year he wrote in his blog that he loved the music and Fr. Fleming was a great liturgist. As it happens, the Protestant choir the Cardinal praised was from West Concord Union Church,

The music minister at Holy Family is a Protestant and also music minister at WCUC. That's a church that flies rainbow flags out front. Go to the website and read the "About Us" and music ministry sections to get a feel for what's really the case at Holy Family.

TTC said...

Thank you for the recommendation. I did not forget about Concord families being spiritually victimized.

Butterballino is in the line up, but I very much appreciate your reminder and recommendation.

Anonymous said...


This one?

Yes indeed. Who knew that the underground of same sex attracted priests would get control the talking points of the pope.

I don't buy into it any more than the 'humility' of living in a hotel where he expenses hundreds of thousands more per month to avoid the trappings of his free rent and a staff at the Vatican.

Theresa said...

Anon....that's the one.....too many coincidences don't you think?!

Anonymous said...

yes. too many coincidences.