Thursday, January 30, 2014

Rejoicing at Chancery. Church is changing. Money and pride are on their way back.

For the times they are a changing.

$1 million more than the previous year.

Cardinal Seán O’Malley says it’s a sign of a changing church.

Pope Francis, who appears on the cover of the latest Rolling Stone magazine, has reached a level of popularity not limited to Catholics.

“That trumps Time Magazine,” O’Malley, a friend of Pope Francis, said.

Religious people are 25-percent more likely to donate money and 23-percent more likely to volunteer,” according to O’Malley.

Kathleen Driscoll with the Boston Archdiocese says “there’s a pride in being Catholic again.”

hrough the appeal, 144 parishes are receiving rebates totaling $1.6 million, earned for exceeding appeal goals.

Pledges to the annual appeal have been increasing

n.b. to the cash collectors in the chancery: Don't buy a frame yet.. The Holy See doesn't see the merit to the hostile, weird and theologically screwball Rolling Stone article.


Anonymous said...

Seriously? Cardinal Sean thinks that RS magazine trumps Time? It's all about the $$$ Me? I see the cover as a comparison with the Boston marathon bomber....kind of what Francis is doing to the church.

Anonymous said...

As a line from an older "hip-hop" song goes:

"It's all about the benjamins, baby!!"

breathnach said...

Cardinal Sean and his Democratic hack PR team welcome the return of the moneychangers' tables to the temple.

Anonymous said...

Ok, Dear Cardinal Sean, who is doing a great Disservice to the faithful now?
Vatican spokesman Father Federico Lombardi has strongly criticised an article on Pope Francis that appears in the latest edition of Rolling Stone magazine.
Although he acknowledged that the Holy Father’s appearance on the publication’s front cover shows a diverse interest in the Pope, the Jesuit spokesman denounced the article's negative portrayal of Pope Emeritus Benedict XVI’s pontificate, saying the piece disqualifies itself as serious journalism.

Read more:

breathnach said...

Thanks Anon @ 11:24. I was just reading the Rolling Slime's calumny against Pope Benedict. As Carol pointed out re: Father Barron being gaga over Andrew Greeley, we now have Cardinal O'Malley gaga over a Rolling Slime takedown of BXVI and a total distortion of Catholic teaching. Another case of an undiscerning cleric performing as a trained seal awaiting the plaudits of the World's elites.



JB said...

That he could make such a comment, aging hippie that he apparently is, is all I needed to hear. Rolling Stone. some badge of honor for the pope. utterly pathetic.