Wednesday, February 19, 2014

Catholic Activists Want Pope Francis to Match His Actions to His Words

This article is a terrific exposition of the damage to Catechesis under Pope Francis.

Here I thought the Boston Globe's list of Catholic crackpots for talking points on theology was top notch, but Al Jezeera takes First Place Blue Ribbon.

They open up with "Sister Teresa Forcades" who says “I don’t think it is possible to have democracy and capitalism. They go against each other because the way we live capitalism is that we allow some corporations to have such power that they are able to influence government. And that’s the problem,”

A. We don't live in a 'democracy'. We live in a Republic. Check wikipedia for the distinctions, Sista.
B. Does the name George Soros ring a bell? How about any of these people?

My eye corporations are controlling government.

The quotes in the article from a number of individuals tell the story of what we're experiencing here in Boston.

But now... she believes she’s merely taking some of Pope Francis’ ideas and running with them...Forcades said...a woman’s right to self-determination should supersede the rights of an unborn infant before it is able to survive outside its mother’s womb.

Why hasn't this dangerous individual had her costume ripped off of her back and sent packing to get a job and support herself?

Here's a name that should ring a bell:

Thomas Gumbleton...former bishop whom the Vatican forced to retire as a pastor in Detroit for testifying about his experience, said some of the fear is gone.

“Certainly now people feel much more free to speak out and not wary of being cracked down on,” he said. “They’re going to be supported if they speak out. Francis is living out the teaching and encouraging other people to do the same thing. I’ve noticed the other bishops are becoming more outspoken, certainly laypeople.”

Tommy Gumbleton. Is that what he's calling himself now?! LOL.

In any event, he has hit the nail on the head.

All the priests and nuns and lay people who have been refraining from teaching Catholics their own sexually and spiritually immoral convictions are all now teaching them to children without fear as they now know Pope Francis supports them. He's told them, allegedly, that he has no intention of stopping them from demoralizing his flock.

TTC readers will remember blasphemer Monsignor Paul Garrity?

Monsignor Garrity has at least a ten year history of scandals, I wish I could say without ramification but the situation is worse. In the past, it has won him admiration, praise and special favors under the administration of Cardinal O'Malley. But he went too far with the homoeroticism of the Holy Family and was made to correct his statements.

Many Catholics were encouraged by the Bishops' response to Fr. Garrity's disgusting display of disordered theology, hoping this would discourage him.

But he is right back at it.

This week Garrity takes a citation out of the Book of Exodus to explain how the Bible isn't mean to be taken literally. There's a whole bunch of stuff that needs to be discounted. You crack the code with dogmatic constitution of guessed it...the Second Vatican Council.

"We read the Bible in the context of the Church, in light of the times which we live and with the knowledge we now have of all of creation, most especially the knowledge we have of the human person."

The devil is in those details.

What person in their right mind, what soul in its right state, would send the message to these individuals that tells them they are free to speak their insidious talking points without fear of a 'crackdown'?

“Francis is saying the same things for which we got in trouble,” she said. “So we figure, if we use him as a footnote, we should be OK in the long run. I just don’t know how long the run is. Hopefully, it’s in my lifetime.”

If they show up in my parish, I'll pull them out by the hair on their chinny, chin, chin!


Anonymous said...

This is what happens when a Pope does not explain himself adequately or allows his statements to be taken out of context without elaboration. People will project their own agendas onto those words. Of course, conservatives did the same thing with John Paul II and Benedict, but those men weren't the sloppy thinkers that Francis apparently is.

I think it's becoming apparent that Francis is a complete mediocrity. I also think it's becoming apparent that Catholic leaders -- with or without Francis -- would be willing and ready to relinquish their own supposed orthodoxy to serve "the common good," as reinterpreted by secularists.

We are reaching the point where Catholicism is becoming no different than secularism. Mainline (as opposed to evangelical) Protestantism reached that point decades ago. This has all be prophesied by the Apostles in their letters to the NT church.

Mike Hurcum said...

Why do you think a group of cardinals got together to elect their boy. Cormac Murphy-O'Connor's words at Cardinal Ratzingers tv election broadcast. So some cardinals it seems were selected by the Holy Spirit to lobby the Cardinals for their boy. They, this group, got together again to pick someone they could program. My amazement is that he is a Jesuit, since they had to obtain a high degree of education. Some in my day had two or three degrees and were skilled in casuistry.I am ashamed to say he went to the boarding school, the sister school to my college. They boarded we went by bus.