Tuesday, February 18, 2014

When looking for direction at a Synod, schedule an apostate as keynote speaker.


Watching the bishops’ conference in action is like viewing the film of a train wreck over and over again. With bright-colored clowns hanging out the train windows, waving and blowing kisses. One only wishes one had a tomato.


Anonymous said...

I found this comment from the article to which you linked quite interesting:

"But remember the saga of Fr. Charlie Murr, recently reported in these pages. He accepted the pastorate of a faded city parish, St. Francis de Sales in New York City, and set about its renewal. He found the parish school in a fiscal and spiritual morass, with 66% of the students having failed the archdiocesan standardized religion test. And he had the legs cut out from under him by the cardinal, who ordered him to renew the contracts of five teachers, a principal and assistant principal whom he had not invited back for the following year. And Fr. Murr felt compelled to resign his pastorate. His parish council, all top-drawer New York professionals, likewise resigned in protest."

Should I assume the cardinal in question was Dolan? If so, then why did he order Murr to renew the contracts in question?

Anonymous said...

Never mind. I did my own research. The cardinal was Egan (aka Egad). Enough said!

Steve Dalton said...

That was a cute ass in that video. Too bad I can't say the same thing about the upcoming synod!