Monday, February 17, 2014

Pope Francis will make Momma-ism a reason for annulment?

I try to ignore John Allen but this was too fun not to post!

Did momma tell you to do your homework, brush your teeth, wear clean and ironed clothes, say your prayers, go to Church, use Church teaching as guidance for your heart and actions?

Did she advise you not to marry the woman for x or y reasons? (Not sure I'd ever go that far but I reserve a mother's right to advise her children if they see them getting on the Titanic.)

What a domineering witch!

Annullment granted!

(Does this mean it turns out she was right?)

Did your wife ask attempt to use her influence to guide your conduct to be model for her children?

Did she expect you to provide food and shelter, fix broken stuff, not to use vulgarity, maintain sobriety, preserve your sexuality exclusively for her?

Did that hurt your widdle feewings?

You poor, poor witch-whipped shell of a man. No wonder why you found yourself another floozy.

Annullment granted!

Ok....I've had my fun.

To be honest, depending upon what Pope Francis has in mind, I'm not sure this is something to get worked up about...

A Feb. 15 conference of church lawyers in the Italian region of Liguria seemed to point in the same direction, arguing that the grounds upon which an annulment can be granted ought to be expanded.

In particular, these church lawyers proposed adding “mamma-ism” to the list, meaning a situation in which spouses are so completely under the thumb of one of their parents – usually, according to the jurists, the mom – that they don’t have free will.

Cases where a child marries to transition out of a dysfunctional house.

Cases where a mother refuses to let go of her married child and sabotages the marriage with contempt for his or her spouse.

These kinds of cases.

I am concerned about a diminution or solution that would surmount to Catholic divorce so we will have to see how this plays out.


Anonymous said...

Would a nagging mother-in-law also be grounds for annulment?

TTC said...


Sounds like it could.

I suppose if it turned out her requests were about sobering up or getting off the couch to get a job, it may not rise to the level of eligible?

breathnach said...


this sounds like micromanagement of the annulment tribunal's discretion. Before you know it the Code of Canon Law will be the size of the Code of Federal Regulations or the Federal Tax Code. As the number of Catholic marriages dwindle the regulations governing them expand geometrically.