Saturday, February 15, 2014

They're too sexy for the Latin Mass?

Another (alleged) strange caricature of the Latin Mass by Pope Francis.

When he searches more thoroughly, he finds it's about fashion and we must be patient and kind to people who are addicted to fashion. He gets why old people would like antiquated fashions, but is mystified as to why young people would want to get away from the fashions in the Novus Ordo

That sure is way out there.

Evidently, he's unaware of the median age of people still seated in the pews at La Cage aux Folles at the Novus Ordo.

The man seems to be completely unaware of the dissent, demoralization and liturgical antics that make it impossible to mystically pray the Liturgy in the Novus Ordo.



breathnach said...

Pope Francis can't resist taking condescending pot shots at those who value the Latin Mass. He doesn't use these opportunities to urge that the Novus Ordo be conducted in the most reverent way possible, instead he takes a jabs at the Latin Mass. He's a great man for reading the motivations of Latin Mass attendees. He hasn't a word to say about the irreverent liturgies that are driving attendance up at the few available Latin Masses. He never expresses an opinion about the motivations of those undermining the Faith.

TTC said...

I don't think he's doing it to be mean. I genuinely think he just doesn't get why we're not gaga over sitting in the pews for decades without hearing a teaching of the Church - or worse - listening to dissent week after week.

You know, what's not attractive about dat?

breathnach said...

Carol, I hope your right. His tone in responding to inquiries about traditionalists or the Latin Mass leaves much to be desired. These kind of comments are demeaning and condescending. It's the kind of tone you see on political blogs--putting a political/ideological opponent in their place. He's coming off as paetty.

breathnach said...

sorry, "petty".

TTC said...

I do not know for sure, but I hink he is genuinely bewildered!!

JB said...

It's just a very troubling comment. One after another actually. This one is a huge and direct insult to Ratzinger.

I'm sorry but I don't like him personally. I'll pray for him but I don't like him.

Maria said...

Carol--I love you. Can I just say that ? LOL It is in the Jesuit water girlfriend.

Anonymous said...

IDK this' seems to be a translation of questions and answers? The official address doesn't mention this, would have loved to know what the question was.
Vatican City, 14 February 2014 (VIS) – Today, on the feast of Sts. Cyril and Methodius, Pope Francis received in audience the prelates of the Czech Bishops' Conference at the end of their “ad limina” visit. In the text of the address he handed to them, he writes that to enable the faithful to know Jesus Christ well, it is necessary “to increase appropriate pastoral initiatives dedicated towards a solid preparation for the Sacraments and active participation in the liturgy. Commitment to religious education for a qualified presence in the world of schools and culture is also necessary. On your part, there must be a vigilant and courageous openness to new impulses from the Holy Spirit, Whose charisms are widespread and render the lay faithful available to assume responsibilities and ministries, useful for the renewal and growth of the Church”.
The Pope goes on to state that, to face contemporary challenges and new matters of pastoral urgency, there is a need for synergy between clergy, religious and lay faithful. He also repeats that “while for a long period the Church in your country was oppressed by regimes based on ideologies contrary to human dignity and freedom, today you must face other more insidious difficulties, such as secularism and relativism. It is therefore necessary, alongside the tireless proclamation of Gospel values, to engage in constructive dialogue with all, even with those who are far from any religious feeling”.
The Holy Father emphasises that the bishops must “persevere in prayer, generous in serving your people, full of zeal in the proclamation of the Word. It is your task to follow your priests with paternal affection: they are your principal collaborators, and their parochial mission requires stability to favour a climate of truth and serenity in the people”. He urges them to “promote the pastoral vocation in an increasingly organic and capillary fashion, and in particular to encourage the young in the search for meaning and in giving to God and to their brothers. May you turn your attention also to the pastoral of the family”, he added, “as the family is the cornerstone of social life and only by working in favour of families may we renew the fabric of the ecclesial community and of civil society itself”.
The Pope mentions the importance of unity and solidarity between bishops, as well as their communion with Peter's Successor. “This fraternal union is equally indispensable for the effectiveness of the work of your Episcopal Conference, and can give you ever greater authority in your relations with the civil authorities of the country, both in ordinary life and in facing the most delicate problems”. In relation to economic matters, the Pope mentions that “material goods are destined exclusively to the spiritual mission of the Church, to ensure that every ecclesial situation there are the necessary means and freedom for pastoral activity. It is necessary to pay close attention to guarantee that ecclesiastical assets are administered with caution and transparency, so that they are protected and preserved, also with the help of trusted and competent lay faithful”.

theresa said...

I'm afraid Bishop Francis is not softening his tone towards Traditional Catholics. The Tango performed after one of his masses in Argentina certainly is some sort of innovation or whim ??????

TTC said...

Maria - thanks for your kind expression of charity!! I think you're spot on about the Jesuit water.

JB, he's twisted up in something. I continue to love many things about him. He loves much and so much can be forgiven. But this kind of drivel is exasperating.

Kneeling Catholic said...


I think onto something.
I hear that Archbshp Glaubner is a Focolare member, and is probably not well-disposed towards the EF to begin with.
We should give HH the benefit of doubt here. There have been other 2nd hand accounts where the Pope is supposed to have said something that the relater would have himself said. I think there is a strong possibility that we are hearing Archbshp Glaubner's sentiments via an embellishment of a response to a leading question.


TTC said...

It is very possible. Seems to be a lot of urban legends. (still several things we know to be true and some omissions that are glaring)

Anonymous said...

I am all for the Tradentine Mass but I do have an issue with some Traditionalists who insists that men should wear suit and tie and women should wear dress and veil to attend Holy Mass.

I think that as long as people wear some modest clothing to Church it is fine.

If a man feels confortable wearing blue jeans and a woman doesn't want to wear veil or wear a dress it should be fine.

I mean some Traditionalists do cross the line and are very judgemental. It all becomes so strict that it is impossible to even feel comfortable going to the Latin Mass because someone is giving a disapproval look.

I have seen it many times and I think it is uncharitable and simply wrong.

Our Lord is more concern with what it is in our hearts not whether we are wearing suit and tie or dress and veil.

TTC said...

I am as guilty as the next person of sometimes going to Mass in my jeans. Especially at an early morning Mass. But the people getting dressed up as if they were meeting with a king are absolutely doing the right thing. I wear a head covering at the Latin Mass ( a scarf) to respect those who worship there all the time. Kinda like I take off my shoes at a friends house as it is her custom! When in Rome...

I have never experienced people looking down in me in that community but there are no doubt a few fri ge lunatics. It has been my experience that there are a multitude more backstabbing, gossiping, slandering and spiteful women in the Novus Ordo. And let us face it, it is nearly always women.

Why is it the problem with thewitchy Church ladies in the Novus Ordi are never recounted as a reason your local parish is full of crackpots?!

Anonymous said...

i belong to a TLM parish and we don't condemn anyone due to the way they dress, in fact i have never met a more welcoming bunch of people. Of course we encourage people to dress up for their King of Kings, and women to cover their heads (as it is an apostolic tradition outlined by St Paul himself), but i have seen women in pants (visitors) attend with no problems and men without suits and in jeans.
Of course everyone also understands that Sunday dress is different than weekday dress.
This idea of the wicked judegemental traditionalist doesn't jibe with my experience over the last 20 years at TLM parishes.

TTC said...

I often wonder how much of this urban legend is actually coming from the voice of their own conscience.

They see people who have taken the time to prepare to meet the King, dress accordingly and modestly, giving undivided attention to mystical prayer and their mind takes off like a rocket, the accuser runs with their thoughts and the devil gets into the details to discredit what is holy.

breathnach said...


Back before the RCAB saw the real estate development potential of Holy Trinity I attended the TLM at least monthly. I was never part of the core group (a fellow traveller at best)but I never felt unwelcome or looked askance at for acclimating myself to the formality of the TLM. The TLM community has a target on their back. The "progressives" certainly despise them but many "conservative" Catholics are equally hostile.
The hyper-criticism and psycho-analyzing of traditionalists is sickening. It's all live and let live with NO parishes, no matter how zany and heterdox things get. But every utterance and dirty look from a trad is grist for the mill.

TTC said...

Like everywhere else, there were a couple if snoops in that community, but the Novus Ordo is loaded to the rafters with people with mental, spiritual, psychological and emotional problems so the nitpicking on the TLM is absurd. You are absolutely right!!

Katalina said...

One needs to keep in mind that while this comment about the Latin Mass is annoying keep in mind that as it is clear he does not care for it, he still has not forbidden its use and when done Italian Bishops asked him to do so last spring he clearly flat out so NO when he very well could have said yes. Also as a Jesuit who was ordained in 1969 a factor

TTC said...

If he forbids its use, while going gaga over dissidents, there will be a lot of commotion.

Anonymous said...

The King of Kings is more interested with what is the heart, so the line of we are dressing up for the King of Kings is a line many of you use to excuse your arrogance and your self entitlement.

Many Traditionalist can dress with suit and tie and veil and dress all they want but the reality is that many of you are so proud and arrogant you think that just because you attend Mass in Latin you have already won Heaven.

Whether you like it or not there is a certain arrogance and lack of Charity in many traditional parishes and especially if you venture into the SSPX chapels.

TTC I think you need to take your medication.
Like I said the best way to prepare to meet the Lord on Sunday is NOT by wearing suit and tie or dress and veil but by having some charity and being of service to others.

And Anonymous February 18, 2014 at 10:30 PM
you say " have seen women in pants (visitors)"

Yeah visitors how many of them will return.

As long as many Traditionalist have this ridiculous attitude of those who belong to the Novus Ordo and those of us who belong to the TLM or us versus them mentality the TLM will have problems increasing their numbers.

I love the TLM and I tend it but I am not afraid of saying even though I know I will be attacked MANY TRADITIONALIST ARE VERY UNCHARITABLE AND ARE NOT BETTER THAN THE NOVUS ORDO CROWD YOU CRITICIZE.

I know the people who come this blog will disagree and that's fine but many of the Traditionalist are intellectual snobs who think that just because they sing in Latin or understand Latin or are more of arm chair theologians than most Catholics they are experts on the problems facing the Church blah blah blah.

The whole attitude in many TLM parishes is wrong and notice that I am not saying every parish, the problem is not the Tradentine Mass the problem is the snobs who think they already won Heaven just because they attend the TLM.

It in not Catholic to think that because most Catholics attend the Novus Ordo they are less Catholic than those who attend the TLM.

Anyways this what I think I hope my comment gets published I am not hear to offend or attack anyone all I am doing is pointing some attitudes I have notice in people who attend the TLM.

I attend the TLM and I am all for it but many Traditionalists need to practice more charity otherwise don't expect the Lord is going to reward you for the suit and tie and dress and veil you wear when you go to Mass because that won't be the case.