Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Boston's Catholic St. Patrick's Day Parade Update

I'm home with the flu today and turned on the secular news (something I haven't done for years - I get all my news from Christian news sources).

Quite the show.

A lot of women with distorted faces from plastic surgery doling out the propaganda with big toothy grins.

One dame from New England Cable News (NECN)excitedly updated the viewers on the St. Patrickgate.

She announced The Immaculate Heart of Mary School was pulling out of the St. Patrick's Day parade all because 'gays are being allowed to march in it'.

What a crock.

Homosexuals have been marching in the parade since its inception.

They've been marching right along with every other person struggling or living in a state of mortal sin, since the parade's inception.

The controversy is about carrying signs identifying their particular set of attractions, temptations and afflictions and the witness of a group of individuals who 'help' others to see it as some kind of virtue.

It haseth no place in a religious parade.

March away with the rest of us. Play an instrument. Dance. Honor whatever service you are doing for God's people.

Wearing a sash about who you're sleeping around with is not welcome.

The pressure by a Mayor's Office to incorporate vice is inappropriate and illegal.

Marty Walsh (and Menino before him) are violating the constitutional rights of Irish Catholics by bullying them to inject the immoral and amoral positions of his office into their Catholic event.

Saint Patrick is not the patron Catholic saint of drunks and sex buddies.

He was a humble, prayerful man whose legacy is about conversion and salvation of our Irish ancestors.

St. Patrick's Day is a Catholic feast day. A holy observance.

Irish Catholics honor the virtues of serving God's people in our avocations.

We remember our gorgeous homeland, our culture, dance, food and most of all, our precious religion and a man whose virtues rose to the level of Catholic sainthood.

The 'archdiocese' finally came out with a statement.

An anonymous person representing our Catholic Cardinal said...are you ready?

A spokesman for the Archdiocese of Boston said they do not have any role in the planning of the parade.

They excel at the fine art of wimpery.

Dear Sirs at the Chancery Bunker:

Everyone sees what you are doing and God sees what you are doing: Send Uriah to the front and retreat.

I'm here to remind you that the fact that YOU don't have a role in the parade is irrelevant. This is about the people you have a duty to defend and protect. It is about controversy wherein the Mayor of Boston is twisting a Catholic Saint into the patron saint of the virtues of getting drunk and sleeping around.

Our veterans need your support, leadership and courage.

Why don't you make a phone call and explain to the Mayor that parade is sponsored by Catholics, it is a Catholic feast day honoring a Catholic saint and invite him to cease and desist.

Man up.

Parade organizers have issued a press release.

A closed door meeting was held last night at City Hall. It turns out that Mayor Marty Walsh and Mass Equality were representing only 'one supposed veteran' who wishes to wear a sash about who he or she is sleeping around with.

Parade organizers have concluded the application was submitted under false pretenses and have denied the request.


South Boston Allied War Veterans Council
P.O. Box 350 South Boston MA. 02127

Sponsors of

The South Boston St. Patrick’s Day / Evacuation Day Parade


3, March 2014

At a recent meeting of The South Boston Allied War Veterans Council, a motion was brought up about reconsidering an application that had been previously rejected. This application was submitted by LGBT Veterans of Equality, (An affiliate of Mass Equality). The reason for this rejection was a clear violation of our “No sexual orientation” rule, and not that we ban Gay people as reported by the press.

The application stated that 20 United States Veterans wished to March with Mayor Walsh and other Politicians in this year’s parade. They also indicated that they were a “Veterans Organization”, “helping Veterans from Cradle to Grave”. After some consideration, the Council agreed that Any Veteran should be allowed to march, regardless of sexual orientation. Further, any organization which helps our Veterans is welcome. This application was conditionally approved as submitted with the understanding that These 20 Veterans can march but no sexual orientation would be displayed, and the group would comply with our standard “Code of Conduct”, followed by all marching units in this parade.

To our surprise, the offer was rejected by Mass Equality’s representative Kara Coredini. Her rejection was based on the fact that we would not allow LGBT Veterans to identify themselves as openly Gay by means of signage and T Shirts Identifying Them as LGBT Veteran. This clearly violates our code of conduct.

At a closed door City Hall meeting last night it was made clear to us that the LGBT Veterans for Equality do not have 20 United States Veterans who wish to march. Rather, they presented only one supposed Veteran and a group of others carrying rainbow flags. When asked about a Color Guard, their loan Veteran replied that he wasn’t sure he could supply any more Veterans willing to march.

The Council performs background checks on groups wishing to march prior to their acceptance. We were unable to find any evidence of LGBT Veterans for Equality that would confirm them as a recognized Veterans Organization.

We appreciate the efforts the Mayor’s office to try and mediate this issue. However it is our intention to keep this an Irish Celebration, dedicated to our Men and Women serving in our Armed Forces. We will fight to keep our parade and its traditions.

Therefore, we The Allied War Veterans of South Boston fell we were misled by LGBT Veterans for Equality. It is our belief that the application submitted to us by LGBT Veterans for Equality was a ploy by them to enter this parade under false pretenses and is hereby denied.

It is our intention to keep this parade a family friendly event. We will not allow any group to damage the Integrity of the historic event or our reputation as a safe and fun filled day for all. We strive to hold the largest and most entertaining St. Patrick’s Day Parade in the Country.

God Bless our Troops and God Bless this Country!

No Veterans.
No marchers.

It was all a big publicity stunt, headed by Mayor Marty Walsh.

By the by, if you haven't read Maggoty Eagan's column on the controversy, do indulge yourself in your daily bigot.

She has some gall telling American Citizens they can't celebrate in the public square unless the message they condone sleeping around is included in the celebration.

Here's another troubadour of bigotry, urban legends and insults: Kevin Cullen

1. Irish are all drunks.
2. Men faithfully devoted to their Church and it's teaching authority are holy rollers.
3. The kicker: Cardinal Cushing appears to be his litmus test for Catholic orthodoxy and sobriety.

My ancestors would never permit our heritage to be caricatured as fighting leprechauns and drunks.

We are not interested in airing your dirty laundry in our parade.

Put a corned beef on the stove, Irish bread in the oven, grab your sober relatives and enjoy the parade.

Beannachtaí na Féile Pádraig!


Anonymous said...

MassEquality and Mayor Marty should just go away on this.

However, for parade organizers, I do think there is a legacy that is reaping some things that were sown in the distant past.

The St Patrick's Day parade has not not in memory been much of a religious celebration. It's been civic celebration of an ethnic group and neighborhood, using a religious patron as a pretext. And there was longtime opportunistic appropriation of Evacuation Day to further blur the legacy. The fact that veterans have been sponsors rather than, say, the Holy Name Societies and Sodalities of parishes, is indicative of the essentially civic substance of the celebration.

What I'd suggest is: how to Boston Catholics bring back the Catholic to a St Patrick's Day celebration? I mean, even some of the North End festas have more Catholic sensibilities than the St Patrick's Day parade in South Boston. (I suspect the answer is: the Irish are historically bad - compared to Catholics in Italy, Austria, southern Germany, and Poland-Lithuania - at demonstrative religiosity other than saccharine ballads at devotional gatherings. I write this as the loving grandson of an emigrant from County Leitrim, mind you.)

TTC said...

Excellent observation, though I don't think any sober and dignified Irish Catholics ever saw the celebration as a civic one. The hijacking of our day by the blaggards and drunks has always been offensive.

Perhaps what we should do is be led by a Eucharistic procession and scatter Catholic apostolates that serve throughout the parade. The nuns who serve, folks at Marion Manor, etc.

It is ours and we should take it back.

n.b. - a friend just sent this about New York:

"It's interesting how they are handling this in New York City:


Evidently they have now two parades - the traditional St. Patrick's parade to honor a Saint of the Catholic Church and Irish heritage, and then another parade called "St. Patrick for All" parade which all the malcontents can march in. I guess it would be sort of similar to the atheists erecting a Festivus Tree right next to a creche in the center of town."

The use of our Catholic saint's name for a protest parade against our Church is insidious, but the principle of letting malcontents, protesters and bigots have their own celebration works for me.

The Mayor is using Catholics as a punching bag. As I have mentioned before, he wouldn't dream of telling Muslims he is going to use his political influence to insist gay pride be a part of Ramadan celebrations.

It's as slimy as one can get.

titular cardinal said...

Well we can all be thankful that
Cardinal O'Malley has nothing to do with the planning of the South Boston parade.

In `leading` the Archdiocese he has exhibited all the backbone of a choclate eclair.

breathnach said...

Marty Walsh and Cardinal Sean two profiles in cowardice. Marty is a wind up doll for the far Left. Back in the day when Boston's Know Nothings were accusing nuns and priests of co-habitating and went on to burn down convents---there was a Bishop in place who took his responsibilies seriously. The bishop at the time confronted the anti-Catholics. He didn't have a multi-million dollar PR staff to hide behind.

patrick said...

He retreats from all the wonderful and enlightening teachings of our Church and all that ails and would cure the modern world because
he is like those Christ drove from the temple.

The Church to Omalley is just a lifeless institution uninspired by the Holy Spirit.

StevenD-Jasper said...

How the hell is Margery Eagan writing for a major newspaper and Carol is not!

non conformist said...

Because Carol is not part of the 'dictatorship
of relatavism'.

Anyone who speaks the truth in this society
will be ostracized while stuttering puppets
like Eagan are promoted.

I for one would not want to be at a post crucifixtion party at Pilate's house.

Anonymous said...

Because there are 2 Kingdoms The Kingdom of God here on earth with the Pope at the top and with the saints, sinners, and cowards under his authority. Then there is the Kingdom of Satan with Luciferian Antichrist Capstone at the top and with the evil doers, the conspirators, and the arrogant at the sevice of antichrist. Margery Egan fits all 3 categories of the later.