Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Pope Francis lets the f-bomb fly

Pope's vulgarity causes stir.

The press predicts cursing will add momentum to his appeal and popularity.

Yeah, sure. There's nothing more popular than the witness of contradicting virtue in the public square.

Someone should call Marty Walsh to see if its too late to add a float of swearing Catholics to the St. Patrick's Day Parade.

"Kiss me, I'm a potty mouth".

Seriously, I feel sorry for the Pope for this blunder.

As a woman, I am not much of a swearer, but from time-to-time, they have rolled off of my tongue - especially when I've done something stupid.

At my daughter's wedding, in the front pew, after a gracious stroll down the aisle all dolled up, when I went to kneel on the kneeler, it was broken and I had to catch myself from going down to the floor. Out of nowhere came the word 'sh*t'.

The Holy Father is carrying a heavy load. I'm lifting him in prayer today!


Anonymous said...

The St Patrick's-Evacuation Day parade (including its audience) is already quite full of swearing Catholics, thank you very much.

TTC said...

I know.
But how will the half million people gathered there know it's something Catholics do unless they wear shirts or carry banners to promote the appealing and popular secular movement?

Do you think Mass Equality will let swearing Catholics ride on their float?

Connecticut Catholic Corner said...

I feel bad for him here, I think he made a horrible mistake in words and he must be horribly embarrassed by it.

TTC said...

CC, I totally agree. The poor man!

My fasting and almsgiving during Lent is going to be offered up for him.

Steve Dalton said...

For goodness sake, give the poor man a better speech writer!