Friday, March 21, 2014

Cardinal Burke on the Many Difficulties with Cardinal Kasper's Text

Name that difficulty.

Sadly, the problem goes deeper than Cardinal Kasper.

Pope Francis hand-picked Cardinal Kasper, called him a superb theologian attempted to cultivate acceptance by asking for 'flexibility' and expressed support for his 'serene theology'.

There aren't that many of us who are seeing serenity in the contradiction of permanent indissoluble nature of Sacramental marriage.

Nothing flexible 'bout 'dat.

I thank God for the refreshing honesty of our courageous Cardinal Burke.

In this perilous time in our precious Church's history, he reminds me of Athinasius.

A few days ago, he said the following:

"It takes uncompromising Catholics" to oppose the killing of unborn children, artificial insemination and the gender ideology. In an exceptional and very long interview with the monthly magazine Radici Cristiane by Roberto de Mattei, the Cardinal treated in a Catholic manner, the burning and controversial issues of the current debate over which, anti-Church circles exercise an increasingly radical cultural hegemony and how the thinking of Europeans is veritably brainwashed, which begins in kindergarten. There is no more time to watch idly or to talk about compromise. Nor is it legitimate to resign. The tacit resignation in the face of a psychological, moral and spiritual destruction thus constitutes a form of compromise with evil, says the Cardinal.

He also recently spoke of the false mercy of 'simplifying' annulments.

I worry that the Romans will circle his wagons, steal his coat and throw him into the cistern.

I've been thinking a great deal about the gifts and challenges of our Pope.

We all have challenges and need to know our limitations.

Recently, a local parish ministry asked me to write up an introduction for a Eucharistic Miracle exhibit that would be published in a secular town newspaper. I'm not sure I'm the right gal for the job, I said. My writing is much more suitable for the converted, consecrated and Eucharistic. I drafted it, but it was a struggle to resist the zeal and mysticism to try to strike the right chord to intrigue non-believers. (LOL.)

You have to know the language you speak, the most effective use of your talents, what to avoid. It takes discipline to not to be you when speaking or teaching about Our Beloved Christ and His Church, Sacraments, salvation.

I don't belong in RCIA. Send me into the deep to talk to daily Mass goers, Marian consecrations, the Adoration and Rosary crowd. I try to be meticulous and measured when expressing theology (most of the time!)

John Paul II and Pope Benedict were also careful and meticulous (most of the time!

The Pope has different gifts.

I recently saw a quote that reminded me of Pope Francis: Fall in love with as many things as possible.

It's the right time and the right place and the right message.

This is the beauty of The Mystical Body at work. Cardinal Burke and Pope Francis and you and I.

The Pope's flight of thought, off the cuff style and whatever he's got going on behind the language he speaks, his allergy to faithful Catholics and attraction to kooky theologians, I pray he recognizes his own limitations and in his second year, puts more emphasis on... the ministry of thinking things through.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

"Fall in love with THINGS"? Not. Our Lord and Lady - yes. Other people - within proper bounds. Things - never.

TTC said...

I'm not so sure!

I'm in love with the ocean, flowers and the beautiful things that God has created.

I'm in love with some music, prayers, God's people (some of them - lol), light, the sun, books, theology, writings of the Saints, a newborn child. I'm in love with being a mother, a good friend.

Pope Francis is a man who is very expressive about things we admire and love. I do believe it is the right time for his message. It's the other stuff that is driving us all crazy!

breathnach said...
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breathnach said...

This pending schism of the Germans is deeply rooted in the dark history of modern German culture. But one aspect of the German hierarchy's willingness to appease the World and slough off Catholic teaching is easier to understand-money! The German Catholic Church receives funding from the state. The formula for distribution of state funds to various sects and the German RCC is determined by the number of taxpayers who declare themselves as members of that religion. Therefore the more declared Catholics, the more state money in Church coffers. The majority of Germans are living in irregular co-habitation situations and the German bishops want to convince more of these folks to check the RCC box on their tax forms, and see an increase in state funding. The wonderful German bishops are completely compromised by whatever ideology the state dictates. They are Pilates not pastors.

Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Hmmm... Seems to me that in this context "fall in love with" might be more aptly rendered "enjoy". That would make more sense.

susan said...

"I've been thinking a great deal about the gifts and challenges of our Pope...
It's the right time and the right place and the right message."

Read "The Jesuits" (and for that matter, re-read Pascendi), and tell me if you don't see his actions in every other sentence of the latter, and the likely motivations explained clearly in the former.

Kasper is his hand-picked theologian; Ricca is still in place; Burke has been thrown under the bus publicly; Marx is gaining more power and titles by the day. Wake up! This is a wholesale, well thought-out take-down of the Church. It is diabolical.

TTC said...


I know you are struggling with this and it pains me.

But I believe myself to be very awake and open to the truth of what is going down.

I'm keeping a very close watch on it and I just do not, as of yet, see the Pope as a heretic who is purposefully carrying out a wholesale destruction of the Church.

I see a man who wants communion for the uncatechized, hurting, wounded.

I see mistakes and errors being promulgated but he has not pulled a trigger.

I am on the edge of my seat waiting for him to pull it. When he does, I'm going to hold it against the 2000 year history of our Church and render an honest evaluation. Whether I like or I don't or I agree with it or I don't. If the glove fits, I'm putting it on!

Anonymous said...

Thank you for keeping your head on straight when it comes to our ancient Faith, given to us by THE SON OF GOD!!!