Saturday, March 22, 2014

Pope Francis is Anxious to Appoint Women at the Holy See

Excellent news indeed for women who put ambition over needs of their children their families.

Permanent appointments will require women sell their homes, move away from their families and friends.

When her mother or father's health fails and her family is struggling with caring for them, she is absent.

When her children need her attention, advice, companionship - she will be on the phone or at a meeting with 'important' people.

This is a service Pope Francis and Super Cardinals are doing to the vocation of women 'for the Church'?

There is no question that if you are educated in our religion, smart, intuitive, articulate, zealous and courageous - people will invite you to think tanks and apostolates.

I have some experience in trying to stop the damage to our children inside of our Church and in the culture. The two will always intersect.

Perhaps placing celibate and faithful nuns in these roles could work - but if you're a mother, I don't recommend it.

I spent a few years being very involved in trying to stop the dismantling of the Roman Catholic Church on a more national level.

The energy level is consuming.

I remember once standing in a room filled with extremely talented and accomplished people in Washington DC, expressing my reservations to continue my involvement. There was a circle of about five of us gathered. One gentleman, thinking he was doing me a favor, asked me to look around the room at the company I was in. He reminded me about our very real accomplishments in preserving Christ's people from scandal and oppression. He told me about meetings he had arranged for his own children with this or that important person.

All true. But I politely asked him some questions.

How many times are his children standing in front of him trying to get his attention while he's on the phone?

How many times have they stood their anxious or frustrated as he held his finger to his lips to send them a signal to keep quiet?!

How many times has he been at their sports events with the phone constantly ringing?

How many times has a friend struggling tried to reach them without success?

How much energy, time and investment in our real relationships is being compromised?

How much attention can you really give to being in time and place with the people who are more important to you than the people in this room?

I looked at the one other woman in the circle and asked her how the healthy meal planning and serving the needs of her family is going? How's washing curtains going and cleaning windows? Washing and waxing floors? When you hear a friend pulling into the driveway unannounced, do you say "OH OH!"!!

The questions were a sincere attempt to find peace in the struggle with time and priorities.

I didn't receive any enlightenment.

I don't think it exists.

I'm not saying women shouldn't volunteer limited time in an apostolate.

I am saying most of the things on high level rob your family and friends of your gifts, talents, time, treasure.

The bishops and Pope have the education, time, treasure and talent. This is why Rome and Vatican City has been filled with celibate men for two thousand years. They do not have the responsibilities that we have. They don't have to worry about being fired from their job for having and teaching moral convictions pertinent to salvation. They have 2000 years scores of libraries of literature written by saints - some of them women.

They don't need women. They need a backbone to accept their vocation and some common sense. Neither of which women have the capacity to impart as these things come from the Eucharist.

These men are ignoring their own see, their own priests, their own people. It is a state of mind and a way of living that has very little value to the vocation of woman.

My advice, FWIW, is that Catholic women ought not to get sucked into the madness.

Let's take a collection and ship over the bus full of heretical nuns who are destroying our country with their nonsense and let them have at each other.

Take care of your family and friends.


breathnach said...

The Commonweal interview is chock full of bureaucratise (Cardinal Sean excels in bureaucratic politics and PR)!

This is not the Pilgrim Church on earth, it is the technocratic church of earth!

TTC said...

It is a sad state of affairs!

Michael Davitt said...

TTC - From a father who has been in that man's shoes. Then one (1) day knowing, like you, I had to get out!! Thank you.

breathnach: Excellent statement !

This is not the Pilgrim Church on earth, it is the technocratic church of earth!

Assisi said...

Please unsubscribe me. Thanks.

TTC said...

Michael, you're welcome. I think a lot of people get caught up into it!

Assisi, We are sad to see you go. I have no idea how to unsubscribe! God Bless you on your journey.

Anonymous said...

Is the writer of this blog a woman or a man?

TTC said...

oh oh...I'm guessing I better change my picture?


I am a woman. A mother. An about to be grandmother!

Joseph said...

With all respect, I think this post should read 'Eager to appoint...' not 'anxious to appoint,' which conveys the notion that the Pope is worried about appointing, etc.

Thanks, Joseph

TTC said...

Joseph, the quote 'anxious' was taken from Cardinal O'Malley's description. He uses the word anxious - which is much different than 'eager' IMO.

Eager is an aspiration.

When a person is anxious to do something, they are so eager to do it, they are high-strung, pacing the floors, wringing their hands - LOL.

I think it's very important word.

While parents are anxious about the communication to their children that obedience to Church teaching is irrelevant minutia -- and have concerns about the choices they have been making since that miscommunication - Pope Francis' mind and emotions are invested in making a splash in the newspapers to over the political appointment of women.

It is surreal.

breathnach said...


Good read on Cardinal O'Malley's multiple use of the word "anxious" in this interview.

The word anxious conveys a state of unease, stress, nervousness, trouble, apprehension. Whereas eagerness conveys the notion of wanting to do something and not being disturbed about it.

The Cardinal has telegraphed something very important, and what I have sensed about both men: they are fearful of the World.

TTC said...

The Pope is anxious about women suffering from low self esteem and anger because there are no female appointments to the Holy See.

He is anxious over it.

Anxious: characterized by extreme uneasiness of mind or brooding fear about some contingency :

worried, concerned, uneasy, apprehensive, fearful, perturbed, troubled, bothered, disturbed, distressed, disquieted, fretful, agitated, nervous, edgy, antsy, unquiet, on edge, tense, overwrought, worked up, keyed up, jumpy, worried sick, with one's stomach in knots, with one's heart in one's mouth;