Sunday, March 2, 2014

Louie Verrecchio's Spoof on the Michael Voris' Vortex

Longtime readers here know that I am a huge fan of Michael Voris. I love his work, bravado and zeal for the house of the Lord.

The overwhelming majority of Catholic men are weak. They are weak in our parishes, our apostolates, our educational institutions and evangelization.

That overwhelming majority of weak men have been overcome by a tiny group of fringe secular social engineers.

Michael Voris is a leader.

It is fair to say that we have a problem on our hands with Pope Francis. The problem is highly exaggerated with the Pope's off the cuff style, translation issues and agendas, but there is a problem. I am sorry to say it.

And, it isn't a little problem.

Marriage is indissoluble.

Consequently, unless people living together are willing to live as celibates, there is no way to receive Communion.

There's no Sacrament of Confession without the firm promise to make the changes necessary to remain in a state of Grace - which can never be done so long as one is married to another person canonically.

The fact that Pope Francis selected Kasper to wind up his see of Bishops, causing the head of the CDF to take a position against the Pope Francis show, solidifies the irrefutable problem we have on our hands.

Pope Francis has also tipped his hand with THIS.

Again, I do not believe the problem is is bad as it is being caricatured in some places. But reasonable and prudent people must come to Jesus on the fact that there is a problem with execution.

I am in full agreement with Louie that if Michael does not wish to or feel called to speak openly about what we all know is a problem, that is his call but he ought not to go Mark Shea on the people who have the fortitude to speak the truth where it hurts the most.


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breathnach said...

Michael Voris is going to become quite a contortionist by continuing to lambaste the likes of Cardinals Dolan and O'Malley while doing a Sgt. Schultz when it comes to Pope Francis. It leads me to believe a funding source has more control over his editorial policy than Michael would like to admit.

breathnach said...

I didn't realize Voris was attacking Ferrara and Matt. That is troubling. I hate to think that ChurchMilitant is part of the organized effort to marginalize traditionalists.

Steve Dalton said...

I'm very disappointed in Voris's actions. The bishops and priests he lambasts didn't just pop up out of the ground overnight. They were appointed or approved by the Pope. He holds the ultimate responsibility for the mess the Church is in. As the old saying goes, "a fish rots from the head down". Voris is in danger of creating a cultic mindset in his supporters. As a former cult member, I remember being told never to criticize the leader. So what if Herbert Armstrong was a corrupt and immoral man, he was "God's Apostle'. Sorry Mikey, but I gave up my membership in the speak no evil, hear no evil, and see no evil club in 1981, when I left Armstrong's cult. I will criticize the Pope if his actions and public talks are contrary to what I know to be right.

Anonymous said...

There's a great response from M Matt on the Remnant website.

Anonymous said...

A LOT OF MY QUESTIONS HAVE BEEN ANSWERED. Bernidine, Hume, etc exposed by Malichy Martin.

As Pope Benedict said: My authority ends at that door. And if he tries - they just murder the Pope and the NWO controlled press will just tell us about the horse race for the next Pope.
p.s. For those Jesuits who teach tat Malichy Martin "has been discredited" - let me point out that in about 1997 on national radio Art Bell show that he declared that the clergy was full of things like pedophiles who prey on children - many years before the "Globe" said a word.

Anonymous said...

good call.


Stoney said...

"....don't go all Mark Shea on someone..."


Connecticut Catholic Corner said...

I think perhaps Voris is pushing his own fears of criticizing a pope on others. IF he fears criticizing a pope could jeopardize his own salvation, then perhaps his also fearful of others jeopardizing their salvation?
I think his intentions are to keep people from falling into sin.

See more:

TTC said...

CC, nicely written charitable piece about our magnificent brother Michael - whose work I deeply respect.

Though I know Michael's work is about averting sin, I didn't receive that message from the manifesto.

The Pope, whom we love, is our Father. A message saying our concerns about how his messages, in conflict with 2000 years of Church teaching is misleading and hurting people we love should not be raised in the public square is from the old school of cult. And, it seemed strange coming from a man whose life's work is about raising his voice about corruption and harmful presbyteral and episcopal actions and inaction.

Either it's right or its wrong.

I don't obstruct my own children from raising and discussing their concerns. The Church is a family and our Holy Father is the head of it. The concerns are legitimate and he should hear them.

But a lot of digging has to be done before doing so - to find out if there is a translation issue or it's straight from the horses mouth. There is enough substance from the latter now to draw sound conclusions that the Pope is erecting a big tent above the Chair of Peter - and selecting dissidents to mislead his see.