Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Parishes in the image of Pope Francis

Boston Paulist Center, the worst apostate parish in the Archdiocese of Boston, is selling itself as being carved in the image of Pope Francis.

I think that is a very accurate assessment of the image Pope Francis has created.

Sadly, this is the fruit of his shtick, in our homes, parishes, community and world.

He is dividing them from truth, from sanctifying grace, from salvation to unite them to apostates.

He has undone fifteen years of catechesis, obstructed any efficacy to teach truth in our homes, to the people we love, care about, for God only knows how long into the future.

A few stories to cruise:

Pope Francis at odds with faithful Catholics.

To say I resent what he has done to the understanding of truth in my own family would be an understatement.

With all due respect to Phil Lawler, you'd have to be living under a rock not to see the poison being passed out all around us.


Anonymous said...

Re the NewsMax article: why on earth they thought Rush Limbaugh was even remotely relevant to the topic is beyond me. His only relationship to Christianity is that he was baptized Methodist, but he's long been unchurched, as it were. He's an infotainer.

That said, there are issues between Pope Francis and folks who were more neo-conservative Americans than Catholic. The article, however, is not really about that.

JB said...

Though I've known many good ones, to me he encapsulates the worst of the confusing, airy, and ambiguous messaging of the contemporary Jesuits. Doubt is vogue; Faith is "neo-Pelagian." Everything is kind of turned upside down, and you have to constantly struggle to find any clarity in what he is saying.

The Church will survive him.

breathnach said...

Devasting takedown of Phil Lawler. Michael Voris, Phil Lawler....the list of "conservative" Catholics trying to spin the "Francis Effect" as a 21st century version of the Counter Reformation gets longer and longer-and less credible.

A headline in the Pilot illustrates just how the October Synod will be played by weak clerics and "conservative" Catholics still deluding themselves: "Cardinal (Kaspar) calls to maintain, yet reinterpret, doctrine to help families"
By Carol Glatz

The Observer said...

Please realize that you can warn your family against the danger that Pope Francis poses to the Church. Being a helpless victim to the latest papal whim is not the answer.

God bless you.

TTC said...

Thank you. I will not hesitate to do so but I am waiting for the right timing. It is an enormous step. Right now I am saying he is being misquoted. But the problem is, even if we correct their course, our credibility is close to zero. He has robbed us of the efficacy to teach the truth.

I am truly beside myself over his grand larceny.

TTC said...

This is my family. My children. To win their admiration, he has told them faithfulness to Church teaching is unnecessary small minded minutia. All the years of teaching them truth have been smashed to smitherines.

This is the Pope. Our input is useless against his reckless statements and omissions.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you 100% TTC my credibility too is being shred to pieces. All that is left is our prayers for our families. We desperately need help from Heaven!