Sunday, March 23, 2014

Who's Your Daddy

Despite his highly influential religious office, he makes time to sit with the people, comfort the sick, and help the poor. He often forgoes traditional fancy threads and maintains a quiet, humble disposition. He is, above all things, a pastoral man.

If you think we're talking about Pope Francis, think again.

I was particularly interested in this article because of the following caricature of us as 'far right':

While O'Malley's life is marked by praise, he is not without criticism. He recently had a female Lutheran minister anoint him in a sign of ecumenism, which received backlash as a "farcical ritual" by the far right.

Pope Francis has made those of us that believe, teach and practice our religion enemies of the fiat of Catholicism.

What beliefs must a Catholic hold to be caricatured as 'far right'?

1. We believe sexual activity outside of the Sacrament of marriage violates the Sixth Commandment and requires the Sacrament of Confession and a firm purpose of amendment not engage in the adultery in the future.

2. We believe divorce is a grave offense against marriage and natural law and remarriage is forbidden without a dispensation of the marriage through annulment and anyone proceeding to a second marriage without it commits adultery.

3. We believe homosexual acts are gravely depraved, contrary to natural law, intrinsically disordered and a violation of the sixth commandment.

4. We believe the regulation of birth through contraception is morally unacceptable and intrinsically evil.

5. We believe in one Baptism for the forgiveness of sins and the baptismal promises that accompany the Sacrament of Baptism in the Catholic Church have vows that are distinct to the mission of evangelization and conversion to Christ's One Holy Catholic and Apostolic Church.

Since all of these beliefs are memorialized in the Catechism of the Catholic Church, necessary to follow for the reception of Sanctifying Grace into the substance of the soul which informs the intellect on right and wrong choices, wouldn't you think the statements and conduct of It's most "influential" leaders would be levied upon their reputation and substance of who they are?

Since the Pope is the custodian and preserver of these truths, why isn't he caricatured as 'the far right'?

Could it be because he earned 'influence' by discrediting faith and practice of the substance in the Catechism of the Catholic Church?

I don't mean to beat a dead horse here, but the only place I am really interested in trapping and exposing falsehoods and lies is in my family, children, grandchildren and people I love and care about in my circle of 'influence'.

It is impossible to 'influence' them to believe the tenets of our religion when It's most 'influential' leaders have told them they are here to usher in an era of how to ignore, circumvent and disobey Church teaching.

With the Pope telling them moral theology on human sexuality is something they do not need to guide their judgment and behavior, the idea that Michael Voris thinks 'trapping and exposing' the lies of on the national, parish, school or local level is going to have any efficacy in our homes against a Pope who makes obedience isn't gelling for me.

The Pope has distanced himself and his see from teaching obedience, which in turn renders those of us who do teach it, and the very nature of Church teaching and truth itself, discredited. Though we can and must try, we have no efficacy.

My children are currently robbed of their salvation and I want their inheritance to be restored.

After a year of contradictions coming out of Rome, I am still waiting.

I'm going to keep on beating my drum until that is fixed.

What does gel for me is that our good friend and warrior Mike Voris wishes to give the Pope room to do what he wishes to do. We all need to understand where he's coming from and support him in his trajectory.

There is also more news on another topic we are following:

In an interview at the National Catholic Register, Cardinal O'Malley appears to disclose some of the Pope's talking points on how they will exercise the edicts to disobey Church teaching.

Question: Pope Francis has expressed sympathy for Catholics who cannot receive the Eucharist because they have divorced and remarried, and some German bishops say that Church teaching on the indissolubility of marriage should be modified. Can you give us any information on this issue, which will be addressed at the 2014 Extraordinary Synod on Marriage and the Family?

Cardinal O'Malley:The Church will not change her teaching on the indissolubility of marriage. There will be an effort to help those people who have had a failed marriage and try to sift through ways [to consider what] can be done. The Holy Father is anxious to discuss that, but I think it is premature to make any forecast for how it will play out.

The simplification of the annulment process would be a wonderful first step for addressing a very crucial pastoral problem for the Church.

As the Sacrament of Marriage cannot be dissolved, they will sift through ways to dissolve marriage by making the annulment process the Catholic Divorce at the local parish level.

I presume they will come up with an amended list of reasons to dissolve marriage.

Catholic divorces at the parish level is the only technical way to absolve the adultery.

I'll go on record right now in saying this does impact the irreversible nature of the Sacrament of Marriage and we can all feel badly about that, but when it happens (my gut instincts are, we are not talking 'if') we all need to acknowledge the Pope's authority to alter the list of reasons to annul and move on.

Frankly, I've got a bunch of people I'm going to encourage back to communion.


breathnach said...

In effect the annulment tribunal process will be eliminated and instead of a finding (through a canonical judicial process) that no marriage existed, it's likely that a parish or regional cleric, will decide (subjectively) that a valid marriage can be wished away and some sort of "repentence" allows for reception of Communion. This is step one in denying the Divine Presence and the Holy Eucharist is merely a symbol.

I'll be taking the Flannery O'Connor approach, when the time comes:

"Well, toward morning the conversation turned on the Eucharist, which I, being the Catholic, was obviously supposed to defend. [Mary McCarthy] said when she was a child and received the Host, she thought of it as the Holy Ghost, He being the 'most portable' person of the Trinity; now she thought of it as a symbol and implied that it was a pretty good one. I then said, in a very shaky voice, 'Well, if it's a symbol, to hell with it.' That was all the defense I was capable of but I realize now that this is all I will ever be able to say about it, outside of a story, except that it is the center of existence for me; all the rest of life is expendable." from "The Habit of Being"

Martina Katholik said...

Is it possible that you´ve got the future pope in your diocese? This is what John L. Allen Jr. wrote last October:

"In July, O’Malley candidly acknowledged in an interview with the National Catholic Reporter that “if the conclave had lasted another day or so, I would have been in great danger” – meaning, of course, that he might have been the one wearing white.

Italian journalist Eugenio Scalfari recently said in a conversation with Cardinal Gianfranco Ravasi that he doesn’t believe the Church will ever see a “Francis II.” With O’Malley very much in mind, some observers believe he just may be wrong about that.

Francis will be 77 in December, they note, and one logical trajectory of his effort to reinsert the papacy into the College of Bishops would be to follow the lead of Benedict XVI and resign, perhaps when he reaches 80. If so, that would mean stepping aside in late 2016 or early 2017, at which point O’Malley would be just 72, four years younger than Bergoglio when he was elected."

breathnach said...

The new ultra secularist Boston Globe owners hired John Allen, and gave him a high profile assignment: the promotion of Cardinal O'Malley, as a potential American papabile.

Clearly Cardinal O'Malley is the favorite papabile of the secularist elites. He has a culturally "catholic" veneer and is always responsive and pliable when faced with pressure from worldly interests.

Michael Davitt said...

TTC: Your comments are right on the mark!

"The Pope has distanced himself and his see from teaching obedience, which in turn renders those of us who do teach it, and the very nature of Church teaching and truth itself, discredited. Though we can and must try, we have no efficacy."

We have become the PROBLEM (orthodox Catholics)in the eyes of those who read and accept so-called catholic (note small "c") teachings, via The Boston Globe.
We have actually accepted and truly believe what had/has been taught at out mother's knees, anent the Catholic Faith.

Anonymous said...

"My children are currently robbed of their salvation and I want their inheritance to be restored."

If you and your children have embraced Christ as the ultimate universal redeemer and abide in Him, then you and your children's salvation has not been robbed; your and their inheritance cannot be stolen. The Second Person of the Trinity does not need a group of hi-falootin, self-benighted clerics to speak for Him or His Spirit. Read His encounters with the Pharisees in St. Matthew's Gospel. Those Pharisees aren't any different from the 21st-century bunch governing the Church today.

TTC said...


Thank you for your kind message.

When I say my children (yours and uncatechized in general) have been robbed of their salvation, what I am trying to say is, the statements made by the Pope confirm what apostate priests have been teaching them for years: Sleeping around, contraception and abortion is okay so long as we do volunteer work to benefit the poor.

The twenty years of parents telling them that the priest is wrong and trying to tell them to make choices in accordance with Church teaching has been laid to waste.

Consequently, they now, like many others, have been kidnapped from the road to sanctifying grace to journey of practicing social graces and manners, compounding mortal sin upon mortal sin.

The only place Catholics can get their salvation is from priests. We have to have all the tools to make judgements between right and wrong, have remorse for failings and confess them to receive absolution and grace to amend our lives.

I consider righting this wrong seems more important then lifting the self esteem of women who have been upset the Holy See is without their leadership.

It pours salt in the wounds!

Anonymous said...

Carol, I see your point because Jesus accused the Pharisees of being the blind who lead the blind. Both will fall into the ditch. Once that happens, who will pick them up?