Thursday, April 3, 2014

Bishops Publicity Stunt at Mexican Border

Quite the shameless publicity stunt this was, eh?

First and foremost, the Catholic Church exists and in fact thrives in Mexico. There is no need to pull a stunt that gives the appearance the Mexicans are without the Eucharist and these brave men stood at the border to feed the deprived.

Secondly, if they wanted to hold a Mass to honor those who died trying to commit the crime of illegal entry into another country - I have no beef with that - but they could have entered the country like they enter every other country and held a big beautiful Mass at the Shrine of Guadalupe.

More importantly, what a slap in the face to our policemen, homeland security and other men with the spinal fortitude to protect their country from crimes and anarchy.

You don't see the Bishops holding a Mass for the men who lost their lives serving their country at the border, do you.

I really do not take kindly the acts of men who put on Liturgical robes of the Catholic Church, set up a political stunt and call the media to record it.

Cardinal O'Malley seems to have a full time job now pulling publicity stunts.


Steve Dalton said...

Stupid stunts like this, by our benighted clergy, fuel the old prejudiced perception in many Non-Catholics that the Catholic Church is Anti-American, and is trying to take over the country by flooding it with poor immigrants who don't want to assimilate into our culture.

breathnach said...

Pope Francis is leader of the pack with this kind of grandstanding against the rule of law. His Lampedusa visit was the bellwether and signalled the US bishops to ramp up the political activism.

Anonymous said...

On the Lassie TV show - Jeff learned that by running away from a problem he was running toward bigger problems. When he ran away from home he got robbed and Lassie got hit in the head with a stick - Jeff finally went home and all the other problems went away.

Jeff admited that he was wrong to run away from home and his problems and that he was the one responsible for Lassie getting hit in the head with a stick by a bad guy at the Hobo camp.

Dymphna said...

Has anyone asked the Cardinal point blank why he wants to flood this country with illegal aliens and why he appears to object to an alien who's been caught driving drunk, or some other "minor" crime being deported?

TTC said...

Dympha, who could take it seriously enough to even bother to ask him?

The absurdity of pretending there are no Catholic Churches in Mexico and they have to run to the border to get pictures of this stunt is beyond ludicrious. If it weren't for the men (one of whom I know) who lost their lives from the criminals crossing the border, it would not be so outrageous.

Anonymous - There is a lot of wisdom in that Lassie episode. The bishops will never take responsibility for the problems they create in this country.

Michael Davitt said...

"Cardinal O'Malley seems to have a full time job now pulling publicity stunts."

Is anyone shocked???

Michael Davitt said...

Cardinal O'Malley seems to have a full time job now pulling publicity stunts.

Is anyone shocked??

TTC said...

Actually I was stunned. This stunt is Philip and Daniel Berrigan kind of crazy.

It's a whole new level.

StevenD-Jasper said...

I wonder if he got a call from Obama or Biden... I'll bet the Democrats at the chancery were egging him on to do they have an election to win in November..

Seppe said...

George Soros must be pleased that the USCCB is promoting his vision of the Open Society, right along with the Obama agenda to overturn US immigration law and further weaken the economy.

To use the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as a publicity stunt for political purposes is sacrilegious!