Thursday, April 3, 2014

Franciphobians Cry: What's Wrong With SSPX?

At the beginning of the Pope Francis hoo-ha last year, several very faithful Catholics began to talk the false prophet antichrist about fleeing to SSPX.

One family lived a few minute drive away from one of the best parishes in the country. Great priests, spectacular lay education apostolate that brigs in the creme de la creme speakers several times a month. A short drive to Front Royal.

This family was going to leave one of the wealthiest booties of our faith for the sedevacanists?

I couldn't believe it.

When I pointed to their treasure chest vs. the emptiness of worship with a group out of communion with Christ's Church, the ferocious liar rose out of nowhere.

Worshiping with SSPX is the same communion as an ordained man who married a woman and is saying Mass as the Marriott with the puppets and 'women priests'.

The Eucharist is valid and the Romans haven't cut y'all loose but your scraping the bottom of the barrel in the spiritual world. You're not in some underground group preserving our religion. You're in a group with people who've invented their own magisterium.

The people who stayed behind.

The Jews never left the synogogue.
Luther and all his splinter groups.
Sedevacanists after the Second Vatican Council.
Now, we've got the Franciphobians joining the ranks of the sifted.

All stuck in the moment and can't get out of it.

Here's a post I wrote last year on SSPX.

Materials are directly from SSPX.

Fellay later told the Pope he severed any attempt at communion when they asked him to confirm the authority of the Pope to bind Church teaching.

Here's a great post from Fr. Z on the invalid absolution in the Sacrament of Confession.

Absolution of sins is both a sacramental and a juridical act.

The sacramental and juridical aspects cannot be separated. They are intertwined.

A priest’s sacramental authority, or power, to forgive sins comes from his ordination, the ontological change to his soul from Holy Orders. A priest’s juridical authority to forgive sins comes from the bishop, the chief judge of the diocese (… or his religious superior).

The Church says that a priest must have both to be able to absolve validly.

You've got to get up pretty early in the morning to hoodwink me, but going to a group lacking the power to absolve sins is a no brainer.

No absolution = sacrilegious communion = diabolical disorientation and loss of salvation.

If it's salvation you're going to Church for (and not the smells and bells), bringing your family to priests simulating the Sacrament of Confession is about as lucid as using Dr. Kevorkian as a pediatrician.

There is no such thing as the other Catechism.

The Catechism is bound by the Pope's authority.

It's pablum but no substance changed.

Here's another statement from SSPX:

And now we must open our eyes to another danger, that is not hypothetical, but very real: that of no longer wishing to return to our legitimate place among the societies recognized by Rome, of losing the desire for the Church and for Rome. No longer desiring a normal relation with Rome and the Church is a shadow of the schismatic spirit. We have been living in independence from the Pope and the Bishops for a very long time, as if that were normal. We pretend to defend the doctrine, but we all run the risk of establishing a chosen doctrine, abandoning certain dogmas, those that bother us, especially those concerning the primacy of Peter.

SSPX is half past 'running the risk', the moment they rejected Church teaching and authority, they assumed the schismatic spirit.

There's a generation of solid priests a short drive or walk away.

Keep reminding yourself that when we go into the cavern, our refuge is inside of Christ's Mystical Body. SSPX is outside.


Netmilsmom said...

I think this was a fair assessment. You touched on many points that some people don't think about when they are searching. Truth and reason. If one still chooses SSPX at least they will do it with an open mind.
Expect the hounds to hit. I suspect there will be many in your combox,

TTC said...

I don't mind posting legitimate questions or comments but I am not hosting the nonsense!

Anonymous said...

Peace be to you.

The difficulty that I have with your post is its being influenced by a strong confirmation bias.

Someone in the sspx makes a statement that Pope Francis is a disaster for the Church and immediately people jump to the conclusion that the sspx is poised for schism.

An sspx article explaining the theological errors with sedevacantism is quoted as proof that they are sedevacavtist.

This is a non sequitur.

If you are going to quote sspx sources please ensure that you have read and understood the entire article.

If you think that the sspx is sedevacantist - then you have misread the article.

On the humorous note:

Fr. Hunwicke pointed out the irony of calling the sspx schismatic:

"Question 6. "The excommunications incurred by the SSPX bishops were remitted by Benedict XVI, but they are still excommunicated schismatics". How, as a pastor, would you explain this fruitful and elegant paradox to a layperson without a doctorate in Canon Law?"

Disobedience does not automatically involve the sin of schism. If it did the the majority of the German hierarchy would qualify.

Wishing you a Holy Lent and Easter

TTC said...

Peace to you and yours.

This is complicated theology which I thought I broke down, but may need to be broken out some more.

We have two things going on.

A group of Catholics who have broken their communion with Rome are now operating without the proper faculties to administer the Sacraments. It's priests can no more absolve sin than Carol throwing on a robe and hearing your confession. They are simulating that Sacrament.

The group is not in communion with Rome. The group is outside of communion. The group is in excommunication.

Excommunication of the persons is also complicated.

We can break our soul from communion ourselves. The Romans do not have to pronounce us excommunicated for that state to be reality.

Lets talk about he reality.

Pope Benedict invited the priests back into communion as he had hoped they would assent to the authority to bind. When push came to shove, Fellay refused to consummate the communion. He is living in a state of excommunication as are those who follow him out of the Church.

TTC said...

ps comment moderation is in so it may take a but before it is released.

I welcome discussion about this subject matter. Those wishing to portal the Holy Father as a false prophet or antichrist or any of the other histrionics going on in blogosphere are better off posting to forums willing to host those demons.

Go crazy somewhere else. We are all full up here.