Wednesday, April 9, 2014

Fall River Diocese Retaliatory Attack Against Catholic Action League

Before I get into the astounding admission by Fr. Wilson that he used the diocesan newspaper to retaliate against CJ Doyle, here's the background:

You remember back when Marty Walsh got elected and took it upon himself to force Catholic veterans organizing St. Patrick's Day Parade to incorporate honoring taking pride in active homosexual sex?

Remember it turned out there were actually no homosexual servicemen? It was just a militant homofascist group?

Really, where is Marty Walsh's respect for those who practice the Catholic religion and have the constitutional right to reject the insidious demoralization of American citizens.

Do you think he would dare suggest the muslims on ramadan that they include a theme taking pride in homosexual sex?

Marty Walsh needed a reality check.

As a Catholic parade named after a Catholic Saint, the St. Patrick's Day Parade is a family event honoring a Catholic Saint and our Irish Catholic heritage culture - which reflects our values. Irish Catholics bring their families and children to an event that honors the service of Irish Catholics in the military, police, fire departments and other avocations. We stand on the sidewalks as they march by and we express and demonstrate our gratitude with clapping, saluting, etc.

Marty Walsh needed to be sat down in a chair in the Chancery and told directly by the Cardinal that as an Irish Catholic event, we do not wish nor can we even if we wanted to, be forced to yell whoot-whoot at people who want to wear shirts telling us they're having same sex sexual relations.

Marty needed to be told by the Cardinal that even if he could not bring himself to respect our religion, we have constitutional freedoms which prohibit him from forcing immorality down our throats and he ought to stop using his political power to violate our constitutional rights. He could have been told there is already a parade that takes pride in and even simulates same sex in the streets of Boston and they are welcome to express their values there. Knock themselves out. This is a parade where Catholic families are gathered. Homosexuals are welcome, have always been welcome right along with the rest of us who struggle with this or that sin, but nobody is welcome to ask us to endorse immoral conduct.

As our Catholic veterans were being bullied by Mayor Walsh, Cardinal O'Malley hid under his bed, as did his craven administration.

These are the facts.

Only one Catholic apostolate, and one principal of a Catholic school stepped forward to defend our families and our veterans - CJ Doyle of the Catholic Action League and Brother Thomas Dalton of Immaculate Heart of Mary School.

I know what you're wondering, did any priests speak up?

Why yes, yes one did.

Fr. Wilson, editor of the Fall River diocesan newspaper, wrote an editorial saying somebody around this place is distracting us from holiness - and he wasn't talking about Marty Walsh and the people who wanted Catholics to congratulate them for having same sex attractions.

Those people were not distractions, heavens no.

To Fr. Wilson, CJ Doyle and Brother Dalton were the distractions.

The Cardinal could not say anything because he might be criticized!

They collapse when faced with criticism.

Curiously, while Fr. Wilson sees criticism as something naughty, he takes it upon himself to...criticize!!

Duplicity, meet Fr Wilson!

Fr. Wilson said "the Archdiocese" had "nothing to gain" by speaking out.

Honestly,this priest really finally helped me to get it.

I finally get it.

When stuff is happening to us, they are looking at every situation trying to figure out how and what they can gain from it.

What we lose, what our children lose, what the culture loses is not even on their radar.

Even when it comes to our salvation and the salvation of our children.

What a rude awakening. Really and truly.

Talk about scandal.

Fr. Wilson also claimed that Cardinal O'Malley can't speak out in the public square on any issues because he lost his moral authority over the sexual abuse crisis.


Perhaps Cardinal O'Malley didn't read Fr. Wilson's editorial before he packed his bags to head to the Mexican border to pull a publicity stunt with Bishop Kicanas who is accused of covering up the sexual abuse of minors.

I'd like to see an editorial explaining the sudden discovery of moral authority with a bishop involved in a cover up scandal.

I am not feeling charitable enough to dispel any other nonsense in Fr. Wilson's editorial, including his assertion that Fr. Feeney was in error when he proclaimed that there is no salvation outside of the Catholic Church. I presume Fr. Wilson was taught in the seminary that this teaching does not preclude the mercy of Christ in particular situations, but the facts are the facts. Anyone who knew or should have known and reject the Catholic Church to seek salvation outside of Her is not in a position for eternal salvation. I don't know the particulars either. I just know Feeney was right about that one.

I don't think many other Catholics were feeling very charitable about Fr. Wilson's editorial either.

The feedback was quite negative.

Astoundingly, Fr. Wilson explains himself by disclosing that his editorial was retaliation against CJ for 'attacking' the Archdiocese.

When Catholic veterans are being persecuted and our families are being pressured by politicians, Fr. Wilson felt the urge to defend ...the archdiocese.

I was attempting to defend the archdiocese when it was attacked by the Catholic Action League

All that was said was, the Archdiocese is doing nothing.

Always defending the indefensible. What gets me is, they are willing to slander men who will not look the other way.

Unwilling to face their own cowardice, they use their newspapers to publish a screed based upon the foolish notion their silence is a public service to the sheep.

Fr. Wilson goes on to explain the custom of priests to withhold teaching moral theology to millions because of the handful of people who may be offended by it. He explains that when you withhold Church teaching while simultaneously sponsoring events that promote homosexual sex in the presence of millions of Catholics, this is how the handful of people are convinced they need to be chaste.

Get it?

The last 50 years of withholding Church teaching and sponsoring programs that support homosexual sex, they thought they were converting everyone into chastity.

They're going to roll it out more aggressively with Pope Francis.

This is what they think Jesus did, saved Himself from criticism through silence.

You don't want to know what I'm thinking today.

Suffice it to say that I do not take too kindly to the boys in the diocese looking out for what they get out of every situation for themselves using the Catholic newspaper to attack the handful of men watching over our families for what our families and our children are gaining and losing.

While our priests are all busy keeping an eye on the Catholics being ripped apart by the lions and trying to figure out how to avoid criticism, avoid teaching and get something out of it for themselves, they ought to have the decency not to slit the throats of the honorable men watching out for the rest of us.

Is that too much to ask?

Suck up the admiration and money and whatever else you are looking to "get out of" our slaughter.

Keep your criticisms of the martyrs to yourself.


Lynne said...

So the editor of the Fall River diocesan 'newspaper' attacked the CAL because of what it said about the Archdiocese of Boston? How sad. I thought the diocese of Fall River was more orthodox than Boston. Guess not. At least not its newspaper...

TTC said...

It is the same old.

If tomorrow the Cardinal said sex themes don't belong in Catholic parades, what are the chances Fr. Wilson would write an editorial attacking him for not being Francis enough?

It is not about right and wrong. It is all spin. The mentality of the cult.

Whether Boston or Fall River or anywhere else in the world, when a priest or bishop is doing something cowardly or wrong, they circle the wagons of whistleblowers to silence or maul them.

It is sick.

And I am sick and tired if it!

breathnach said...

We hear plenty of bull-bleep about clericalism. It's mostly used by self proclaimed "sons of the Church" to smear any religious that isn't in line with "opening the doors to worldliness".

This diatribe by Father Wilson is an example of unadulterated clericalism. It's all about covering for "one of the boys" and putting a hit on anyone that questions "the boys". Father Wilson's pathetic apology for bowing before Mammon and ostracizing anyone who questions it turns my stomach. His weasely, gratuitous attack on Father Feeney and the St. Benedict Center is right out of a political smear manual.He's a bottom feeder this Father Wilson.He's giddy about quoting notorius anti-Catholic poster boy Kevin Cullen to backup his cowardly attack on the Immaculate Heart of Mary School. He spends a large chunk of his screed to defer to the anti-Catholics by doing a ritualistic dance on the grave of Father Feeney. This sort of self serving tripe used to be called "McCarthyite" in a different context.

patrick said...

Omalley is a titular cardinal
and a coward. His church is a
hollow institution absent of
the Holy Spirit.

What a coward!