Tuesday, April 8, 2014

Finally - Bishop Backs Sister Jane Dominic Laurel - Her Talk Consistent with Church Teaching

Kudos to Bishop Peter Jugis.

Stay tuned. TTC has a breaking story on Fall River Diocese newspaper "The Anchor" perverting righteousness and truth to defend the silence of the Boston Archdiocese as Catholic veterans were having their arm twisted by Mayor Walsh to enter a parade float themed with people obsessed with telling us they're hitting the sheets with so we can clap and yell woot-woot.

Does anyone know happened to the "Anchor" after Fr. Landry departed?

Seems like it's testosterone-light.

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Anonymous said...

I support and thank Sister Jane Dominic Laurel. She is always welcome to speak to me and my family. I am sure she would be welcome to join The Tenth Crusade here.

She is my Hero!