Monday, April 7, 2014

George Weigel Slams Cardinal O'Malley Publicity Stunt

I still can't get over that he's sunk low enough to use the Holy Sacrifice to usher in Obama's talking points on the destruction the sovereignty of our nation.

It's not clear to me how holding Mass in these circumstances can be anything other than politicized," Weigel said. A bit later, he added, "To turn the Mass into an act of essentially political theater is something I thought we had gotten over in the Church, no matter how noble the cause might be."

Don't miss the full interview in the Globe. Brace yourself.

Suddenly, he's Daniel Berrigan.

Something's going on. I can't put my finger on it but it has the stink of Obama.

BTW - I didn't know the scandalous Bishop Kicanas was his sidekick.

Longtime readers of TTC will remember BCI's succesful campaign to dethrone Bishop Kicanas for disturbing history regarding sexual antics at Fundelin Seminary. (More here)

He was recently accused of involvement in the sexual abuse cover up .

Why is the Pope's representative charged with fixing the problem of covering up the sexual abuse of minors inside of the Church pulling a publicity stunt with Bishop Kicanas?

I don't get it.

How serious does this make them look?

Is this part of the new program?

Take bishops accused of cover up to the borders to protest legal immigration and it will take the heat off of them?

Interesting the Boston Globe doesn't mention Kicanas sexual abuse cover up history, isn't it?

Where's SNAP and Bishop Accountability?

You know what the kicker is?

Cardinal O'Malley's balderdash that setting up this publicity stunt with the Blessed Sacrament to protest legal immigration is 'prolife'.

Did you ever see Cardinal O'Malley set up on the Boston Common to protest all the unjust legislation to kill unborn children?

Did he set up in front of the White House to protest the unjust HHS Mandate that Catholics pay for the abortifacients and abortions?

This is a man who tried to subcontract abortionists, promising the Commonwealth he'd give the unborn children a free ride in a taxi cab to the subcontracted facility.

With all the financial burdens and injustices foisted upon sick priests, the disappearance and other shenanigans with pension of priests and lay people from his own hands (HERE - HERE - HERE), caricaturing his Bennigan brothers act 'prolife' is tough to swallow.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

It's definitely part of "the program". It's no coincidence that this Mass was held days before all those amnesty rallies in several major cities this weekend. They're all taking their marching orders from the same place, and that place, I'll bet, is a lot higher than Obama. Maybe George Soros?

breathnach said...

Apparently the Cardinal believes that illegally entering the US ia an "act of love" (like Jebbie Bush). The Cardinal asserts illegal immigration is also a "pro-life" issue that Catholics must support. Perhaps his true calling lies in politics on a Jebbie Bush/Sean O'Malley ticket.

Anonymous said...

We're just doomed, Carol. I feel like I'm stuck in the movie "Chinatown."


Seppe said...

Last week I tried to comment on the Cardinal's Blog site... Apparently, they weren't PC and are still "awaiting moderation"...

George Soros must be very pleased that Cardinal Sean and the USCCB are working so hard to promote his vision of the Open Society!

Likewise, Hamas and the Muslim Brotherhood must be pleased at the opportunity to bring more jihadists into America to further their vision of a global Islamic Caliphate. The former Holy Trinity Catholic Church in Syracuse, New York, will soon become an Islamic mosque.

To use the Holy Sacrifice of the Mass as a publicity stunt for political purposes, indeed, “crosses the border” toward sacrilege!

What would the Cardinal say to the families of those who were killed in the line of duty while protecting the borders of our nation from those who enter illegally to do us harm?

TTC said...

Kelly, the diocese doesn't publish comments that dispel their propaganda!

Blessings to you and yours in Holy Week.

TTC said...

Breathnatch, Yeah, because when you love something, you keep on putting your own destructive ideas out there until collapse. If the man would simply take care of his own sick and elderly priests, his publicity stunts would have less of a sting. As it is, the duplicity is tough to take!

TTC said...


They are hell bent on bankrupting it - in every conceivable way.

It's tough to watch!