Friday, May 16, 2014

Catholic Action League Urges Cardinal O'Malley to Withdraw Honoring John Kerry at Boston College

The Catholic Action League called Kerry's selection "an outrageous insult to faithful Catholics, to the pro-life movement and to Saint John Paul II."

"Few American politicians have managed to compile John Kerry's record of prolonged, sustained, and pervasive opposition to the moral teachings of the Catholic Church," said Catholic Action League Executive Director C. J. Doyle.

"Last year, Cardinal O'Malley withdrew from the BC commencement and criticized the choice of Irish Prime Minister Enda Kenny as the graduation speaker because the cardinal said Kenny was 'aggressively promoting abortion legislation,'” he added. “Nothing in Kenny's position on abortion begins to remotely compare however with John Kerry's 30 year, wide ranging, career long, lockstep support for Planned Parenthood and NARAL."

Doyle, an alumnus of Boston College, said of his alma mater, "Three weeks after the canonization of Saint John Paul II, the Jesuits at Boston College are honoring a political figure who launched a demagogic, intellectually dishonest, cheap shot attack on that saint while he was alive and infirm, and the man created Archbishop of Boston by that saint is, reportedly, participating in the proceedings. It's really quite appalling."

The Catholic Action League will join with Operation Rescue Boston, and other Catholic and pro-life groups in protesting John Kerry's award on Monday.

In lieu of having a treatise to defend honoring an apostate and political executioner of the unborn, Jack Dunn of Boston College issued another idiotic statement:

"The Catholic Action League has no standing in the Catholic Church or academe "

It's leadership and members are Baptized Roman Catholics in good standing and daily Mass goers.

That's all the 'standing' anyone needs to compare the directives of the Holy See and make a judgment about indefensible actions that contradict Church teaching and mislead Catholic children.

Of course with that blunder, Jack Dunn has placed the Cardinal into the position of giving the Kerry's long career of apostasy and political homicides his stamp of approval by sharing a stage with him.

He best be finding something else to do.

Boston Catholics have to do something about the destruction of the Catholic religion by Fr. Leahy at Boston College.

William Blatt's canonical petition asking the Holy See to require Georgetown to implement Ex Corde Ecclesiae received a positive response from the Vatican.

Maybe it's time to get one going for BC.

The Archdiocese isn't answering questions about whether Cardinal O'Malley will have the chutzpuh to show his face at the ceremony.

CJ is encouraging Catholics to deliver a message to His Eminence by calling 617-782-2544 or 617-254-0100.

I know it is short notice, we can't keep up with the steady stream of assaults on the Catholic religion from within and without in Boston. We would appreciate any support you could lend - in prayer and giving the Cardinal's office a call to express your thoughts on his withdrawal.


Seppe said...

The Jesuits at Boston College and Georgetown are praying that our Jesuit Pope won't intervene in their tradition of dissent... We'll see...

By the way, why doesn't Cardinal O'Malley enforce Canon 669?

Can. 669 §1. Religious are to wear the habit of the institute, made according to the norm of proper law, as a sign of their consecration and as a witness of poverty.

He met with the "major superiors" of women religious, but only a few seem to be wearing habits...

TTC said...

Kelly, Good question. After watching him for close to a decade, I think it is because when Christ said "feed my lambs", he thinks those instructions were about hamburgers. I could count on one hand the number of times I have ever witnessed an action that demonstrated he was willing or up to the task of the custodian of the tools for salvation.

I wish I could say he simply just watches in silence as thousands are driven off of the cliffs but it is worse than that - he is a defender and supporter of those doing the destruction. These are the people he hires and promotes.

The only time he's ever done anything is when commotion in the public square would tarnish his own reputation in Rome.

Practicing Catholics here are simply holding their breath and trying to salvage things out of their hands until he moves on. God help him.