Saturday, May 17, 2014

Excellent Reflection on Communism Within

I am always skeptical about reports on what the Pope said, but if these reports are accurate, suspicions that he is a proponent of marxism and communism have some merit.

The tipping point occurred Friday, with the Pope's bizarre statement that there should be "legitimate redistribution of economic benefit by the state". I will be blunt. In shilling for socialism, he is advocating that the entire world adopt a philosophy of economic chaos that has visited upon millions of people abject misery and even death.

Every time I read something imprudent, I think about that saying that goes something like this: "You know that thing that stops you from saying something stupid? I don't have it."

Stopping flights of thought is a discipline that comes easy for most of us. Original sin always keeps it on the back burner but most trying to live in a state of grace every day have developed the tools to recognize it as soon as it starts and give it the heave-ho.

Even among those who let flights of thought control their ship, most have at least managed to do it in silence. Every once in a while we see the tip of an iceberg in a person struggling. They blow their top, act like a jerk, turn to alcohol, drugs, crime, etc.

The lack of discipline that lead to flights of thought and foot in mouth disease do not necessarily come from the insidious.

It is my firm conviction that the Pope has his own house in order and is setting out to awaken the diabolically disoriented and shepherd them back to Sanctifying Grace of repentance in the Sacrament of Confession and food for the soul in the Sacrament Most Holy.

But he's got the flight of thought going on and has misplaced the lock on the tongue that keeps us from saying something stupid.

He is not alone.

Cardinal O'Malley gives us another example:

O'Malley said a just solution for those immigrants would be similar to that for Jean Valjean, the protagonist of Les Miserables: "Not to punish them but to initiate new and more just laws to replace a system that is broken and woefully inadequate."

He is worried about the tyranny of withholding the Eucharist from immigrants in Romania?

Forget about Romania.

You sir are the oppressor of the Eucharist, right here in the Archdiocese of Boston - in our schools, parishes and in our homes.

The most effective tool the devil has in withholding the Eucharist is a bishop who employs, supports and promotes dissent in his apostolates.

That larceny goes on for generations. A gift that keeps on giving.

The irony is, Cardinal Jean Valjean has issued an edict in his own diocese that every sick and elderly priest in his diocese is to be stripped of everything but $40 a month. They must find their own place to live. The lack of caring rises to the level of cruelty. They are literally abandoned. Their pension fund robbed, numbers fudged in audits.

Cardinal Jean Valjean's told lay people who worked for the archdiocese for decades their pensions were worth a penny on the dollar and if they wanted their penny, they better take it lump sum.

The duplicity is tough to take in silence.

Wealthy people are the people setting up businesses to employ us all. They are the people who invest in projects and property development.

I don't have the bandwidth to talk about the death and destruction being foisted upon our world by the socialists and communists who infiltrated our seminaries.

I have a hard enough time properly disposing of my thoughts on the stupidity, duplicity, narcissism and the negligence and abandonment of saving the souls suffering under the perverted catechesis they sponsor in every Catholic school and parish.

On Monday, Jean Valjean will stand on the stage after four years of sponsorship of the perversion of minds and souls and applaud and honor John Kerry in front of thousands. Millions if you count the suckers reading about it in the newspapers.

We are halfway down their slippery slope and I can see their victims who have fallen into the abyss. I hear their cries. Watching their painful suffering while trying to get people to hold on around us is tough to take.

They are withholding the Sacraments and benefits from them right in their own Chancery. For decades, every parent who manages to escape their dissent and destruction begs them to release the Deposit of Faith so that our children will have the tools they need to make right judgments and have access to the Eucharist.

The furnace at the bottom of the slope is going to get hotter.

Hold onto Sanctifying Grace like there is no tomorrow. Every day, every hour watch yourself, watch your thoughts, what you say and do and do not say and do. Use the Sacraments. Try to get everyone around you to do the same.

In fire, gold is tested.

I am a big proponent of the Cardinals Come Home campaign.

Come home.

Sit at your desk and care of your own people. The people whose souls you are responsible to keep safe.

Free us from the oppression of your dissenting priests, nuns, lay people and give our children the catechesis they have a right to inherit. You are responsible for the dissenters you have put into place to rob them.

You are responsible for the inaction.

You are responsible for the thousands lost year after year - many of whom died in that state while you were rushing from airport to airport to talk about how you would like people to be freed from oppression.

Meanwhile, the piles of paper from mothers and fathers begging you to free their children from your oppression go unanswered. Or worse, are answered with patronizing letters thanking them for their 'concern' while the oppressors keep on keeping on.

These appointments are just irresponsible.

Who do you think you are fooling with them?

We know that you know men like this will pass out dissent and koolaid to our children and the people we love.

The public statements expressing your interest in getting people to the table of the Eucharist to draw from the Sacramental Grace that saves their souls just doesn't fly in the face of your actions and inactions.

Your talk about oppression in Romania means nothing to us. We see what you are doing to our children.

We see what you are doing to our country.

We see the spiritual and physical deaths of the regimes you have helped put into place and support with your publicity stunts.

God sees it too.


Michael Davitt said...

Thank you! Thank you!! Thank you!!!

You are "SPOT ON!!"

Netmilsmom said...

Brilliant! Thank you.
I'm so afraid for my children, my family, my neighbors.
I truly feel that my place in the "New Evangelization" is to pray and pray some more for the souls being lost.

Anonymous said...

I think Cardinal Sean and all the US bishops will be making nice with Dem pols this year to get thru immigration reform. See the USCCB - it is all about immigration. See Bishop Vann on the latest World Over -- a nice bishop -- but he stated only way to fix immigration is thru politics. See Cardinal Sean's blog -- he rewards Menino at St Peter's, Dorcester. He went to BC commencement with Kerry. See the "Justice for Immigrants" video on the blog . Irish immigrants, etc just like immigrants of today. He abandons Irish in the archdiocese. Many need to be welcome back in the church, but his outreach is to the immigrant. Is he a pastor? He tells the immigrants they are great, but leads them into sin -- not paying their taxes as a way of life and taking benefits paid for by working Americans. For example, I know first hand how it works -- illegals or guest workers work the low paid job and many under the table jobs. The low paid job qualifies for freebies -- healthcare and other programs -- adding up to tens of thousands of dollars of freebies. The other jobs put cash in the pocket. Why does the cardinal not tell these people that this is dishonest? Instead, he makes videos vilifying the people that work hard.
There is such hypocrisy in what Cardinal O;Malley does. The Irish and other immigrants that built the Archdiocese are suffering badly, but he has nothing but contempt for them. Many have left the Church. He just wants to yell "bigot" at them. There's no heart for them who have suffered so here.