Saturday, May 17, 2014

Coalition Begins Apostate Nun Justice Project

"The letter asked for a public apology to Johnson and LCWR leadership, saying it "would speak volumes about the institutional Church's intent to truly listen to women and honor their voices."

The coalition is made up of:

American Catholic Council; Association of Roman Catholic Womenpriests; Call To Action; DignityUSA; FutureChurch; National Coalition of American Nuns; New Ways Ministry; Voice of the Faithful; and Women's Ordination Conference.

The prestigious group would like folks to tweet "we stand with sisters".

The comments in the story are quite entertaining.

As Thomas Paine once said, to argue with a man who has renounced the use of reason is like ministering to the dead.


Mary's Child Mariann said...

Perhaps you could start an online petition and tweet fest or whatever they call it stating, "We stand with Cardinal Mueller" or something to that effect. I tried to comment and was sent in circles on their site. For those who know how and have the means, please begin the authentic Church coalition against the Apostate coalition.

Anonymous said...

"With friends like these, who needs enemies?"

Sheila said...

You people simply amaze me.

TTC said...

I'm sorry Sheil, I can't crack the code!

What exactly do you find amazing about this hoo-ha?

It's a coalition of termites who have done nothing but damage to Christ's Apostolic Church. How do you expect victims to respond to their letter whining about the Holy See's mandate to stop it?

Here's a jewel from the com box:

"The Godlike (Trinitarian) charactering of the human person is sexual, by way of the mutuality of female/ male persons. The sexual twoness of personal origin defines the dialogic character of every person, which is balanced in self-consciousness only when the mutuality of the sexes is equivalently functional, dialogical. Cultic, male-exclusive clericalism in Church culture radically misinforms and fuels the male attitude of self-obsession and possessiveness toward females. The exclusionary cult of male hierarchy, whether religiously or politically prosecuted, is at its roots the product of narcissistic self-alienation. What this exclusionary cult of self-alienation does is justify a deeply insisted attitude of male superiority and female inferiority, giving rise to radical distrust between the sexes and infecting all. This root antagonism translates from the violence prone inheritance of the animal instinct of males to sexually dominate. Instinctive violence operates by way of neural hard-wiring, while rational processing is "soft-wired" in intuitional cortical brain dialog. Instinctive violence is irrational, impulsive and domineering; intuitional intelligence is dialogical, rational and "divinely" sensitive (maternal). The cumulative weight of instinctive male violence is levied on women and nature; but not with impunity as the globally wasted condition of nature tells in this time."

What a bunch of crap!

Anonymous said...

We all know that Voice of the Faithful started in our area. The hot spots: Wellesley, Concord, Dedham and Winchester. Note how the priests at the VOTF parishes are well-known dissidents. (Fleming, Josoma). Maybe the chancery hoped that things would calm down if they ignored this group. But they continue to cause trouble. I wonder if there are representatives of these other groups of apostates active at the VOTF parishes?