Wednesday, May 28, 2014

One Publicity Stunt After Another Out of Boston

Is Cardinal O'Malley's doing his now full time job of publicity stunts on behalf of the Pope?

Every newspaper you open has another one in it.

Here comes another parade victims in the public square to say we're sorry show

But really, come on.

How sorry are you when you appoint an accused and tell the world you don't make judgments on appropriate substance, conduct and accusations in the newspapers?

How serious does Pope Francis want us to believe he is when he appoints the cardinal who empowered corruption and the good old boys in his own diocese?

I don't mean to imply anything insidious. Cardinal O'Malley is a good and kind man who loves Christ's Church and her people.

But corruption flourishes in inertia, naivete, weakness and cowardice. And brother, when it comes to willful ignorance, weakness and inertia, the Roman Catholic Church runs a first class operation.

It seems to be our loving and beloved Pope's modus operandi. He is cherry picking leaders who operate the same way and surrounding himself with them.

When is somebody going to tell him he has a big boy job now?

With big boy jobs, one must be careful about everything you say and do because it is all taken by the uncatechized and misled to undermine Church teaching in every Catholic parish, school and home and in fact every town and country in the world. Every government.

Evidently, he does not realize this himself. One wonders how that could possibly be but here we are a year later.

The world is in love with the publicity stunts, omissions and undermining of Catholic doctrine.

But he is losing the catechized Catholics. Not because he is handing our parishes and schools over to the devil with his show, but because the last forty years we have been trying to uphold doctrine in our homes as the prelates he kisses and elevates have been telling them the real Church believes unrepentant premarital sex, gay sex, contraception does not obstruct salvation so long as they are skilled on social graces and help the poor.

We have watched the people we love suffering, have tried for forty years to uphold doctrine against the tide of sick and perverted prelates he is surrounding himself with and whose work he venerates by smooching their hands - and we are seeing the roots of evil get stronger all around us.

It is exasperating.

But remember this: Christ had a ride on the donkey and the streets were lined with those attracted to His love.

Maybe that is where we are in the life of Christ's Mystical Church. We are on the ride on the donkey.

I had hoped we were further because it would mean as bad as it is, it has not even begun.

I wish I could enjoy the ride. Watching people drive themselves off of the cliff under the influence of the show makes me physically sick. It is hard to overcome the physical to just do the work in front of me and grab what I can. But that is going to be the challenge for each one of us.

Eventually, after a long ride on the donkey, the Pope will get off and there will be a big TADA. Then, we will really see ugly.

If not this Pope, the one after that or the one after that.

Maybe for the rest of our lives, we will be on the donkey and we will never see what we all know comes next.

Being a serious Catholic takes incredible discipline, insight, oversight, vigilance, temperance and strength.

The priests in the gay mafia have done much damage to the love of Christ, convincing homosexuals that the doctrine of the Roman Catholic Church and those who live it is a sign of hate for them. It has done terrible damage to salvation and the Church, to relationships, to people.

Maybe we will never see the end in our lifetime of the St. Anthony Shrines and Fr. Unnis and Garritiys operating sex hook ups in their basements, robbing the naive souls who trusted their poop shows were salvific because it is being done inside of a Roman Catholic parish or school.

Maybe we will never see the end of the programs telling children children pornographic stories about their parents and relatives raping them and the Chancery is filled with heroes trying to save them.

None of it matters.

It is time to focus on the small things in our families and to the extent we can, the village, as the donkey rides by.

Do what you can in everything you do and in every storm. The rest is out of our control and in the hands of God.

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