Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Pope Francis Pandemonium at the National Catholic Reporter

There are growing concerns at the National Catholic Reporter that Pope Francis is faithful to doctrine.

Several other articles have been added to the concerns penned by Jamie Manson and Barbara Marx Hubbard at the Fishwrap.

Apparently the CDF has shot a flare across the bow of of their priest contributors for authoring kooky theology.

David Gibson is getting the impression Pope Francis is out of step with Pope Francis. His friend Fr. Albatross had to canceled all his speaking engagements to rush to the Vatican for damage control.

A note on the seminary's website reads: "The Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith of the Vatican has forbidden Dr. Amaladoss from speaking and publishing until a process of examining his thought has been successfully completed."

Gibson reports that such secretive coercion is not only a crying shame, some colleagues say it contributes to death of apostates upset by proceedings to examine their doctrinal errors.

Michael Forgery highlights some of Fr. Albatross' published works at the Reporter on the counterculturalism of discarding the concept of truth for the power in the spirit and their own call to serve.

Peter Pan has written an open letter to Pope Francis.

Peter tells Pope Francis he's been a breath of fresh air but his friend Fr. Albatross has been told he must publish something endorsing Catholic doctrine or face silencing. He shouldn't be forced to do dat, said Pan, because Fr. Albatross is espousing the views of genuine Asian theology so people will believe in those ideas. In this way, you see, he's made a lasting contribution to other religions.

Pan goes on to explain Fr. Abatross cannot teach Catholic theology because he won't get support and legal protection. He sincerely hopes that upon reading his letter, Pope Francis will say a word of deep appreciation to Fr. Albatross for the creative genius of teaching false religions to avoid getting fired. This will encourage younger Asian theologians not to be discouraged from following Fr. Albatross' example.

So much for 2000 years of martyrdom, eh?

Is there an editor at that place who is even remotely aware of how ludicrous these things are?

They are not doing the albatross any favors by publishing this kind of stuff in support of their trajectory.

Thomas Fox writes about the mistrust and breakdown of communication in the hen house.

When the CDF sought clarification of doctrine taught by the nuns, the more they tried to explain, the deeper they put their foot in their mouth.

"We do not recognize ourselves in the doctrinal assessment of the conference and realize that, despite that fact, our attempts to clarify misperceptions have led to deeper misunderstandings."

Is it any wonder that the children of fifty years worth of their foolish presentations are performing satanic rituals?

Inquiring minds at the National Catholic Reporter want to know: What happened to the Pope Francis who told them the Church isn't going to make judgments about teaching dissent and sleeping around?

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StevenD-Jasper said...

wow, you ever read the comments at the Fishwrap? They make the UU church look like Opus Dei