Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Padre Pio, patron protector of pedophiles and other nonsense...

Patheos appears to have huddled and come up with their talking points and the fix is in. Deacon Kandra is weary of the 'fighting' that happens when Catholics report priests who rape body, mind and souls of Catholics.

Deacon Kandra went so far as to say Catholics who report priests who rape body, mind and soul are devils.

Yeah. You read that right.

It isn't the priests who rob and rape that are the devils, said Padre Pio, it's the people reporting them to authorities.

Padre Pio, defender of pedophile priests, enemy of victims.

I wonder if we'll see that at Mother Angelica's place to defend the indefensible?

That would be a good episode of The World Over.

Maybe the Pope should hand out that quote to victims when he meets with them?

I guess they've abandoned the old chestnut of having Mark Shea issue insincere apologies.

Every time I think this could not possibly get any more ridiculous, it does.

You know what a world full of Catholics is weary about?

Catholics who protect abusive, vulgar conduct by pretending the voices of the victims reporting it to seek intervention from their superiors are participating in a petty personality squabble which needs to be silenced.

The problem that protected pedophiles is manifesting itself on Patheos and EWTN.

If you don't have the fortitude or capability to distinguish abusive conduct from the voices of victims, it is time to stop blogging. Adieu. Adios. Good day to you.

The cult of protecting abusers needs to be stopped.

I read the communications of Elizabeth Scalia to Steve. The arrogance, pride and insensitivity to a fellow Catholic who had a terrible experience with cult behavior of Carholics in Regnum Christi was beneath contempt.

I did however agree with her accurate diagnosis of her condition:

"I. Am. Sick."

Amen. And the contagion is all over blogosphere.


Anonymous said...

If I remember the Padre Pio story correctly, a friend of his wanted to get Pio freed from restrictions on his hearing confessions. Pio's enemy in the church was a bishop who was a homosexual. Pio's friend threatened to expose the bishop unless Pio was released from his restrictions. Padre Pio, furious at this attempt at blackmail, raged against his friend. (And "unfriended" him.) He did not want to see blackmail used to support his cause.

BTW, Deacon Kendra is a good friend and supporter of "Concord Pastor."

Netmilsmom said...

Is it just me or does the blog repeat?

TTC said...


Too many quirks with blogger to use without glasses at my age!

TTC said...

Thanks much, you are the best.

TTC said...

Anonymous, I am wondering out loud here, but don't you think it is just a tad far fetched?

Even if I could wrap my head around the idea he thought victims of scandalous conduct of priests were the devils, I tend to want to see more confirmation than somebody said that this or that saint once said something that gives the imprimatur to something evil or abusive.

Dymphna said...

Deacon Kandra....I think he's a nice man but not a wise one. He also has Panglossian tendencies.

Anonymous said...


I cannot imagine Padre Pio ever, ever being in favor of a cover-up of evil behavior by anyone. I was just saying he disapproved of blackmail being done. (The ends do not justify the means.)

Mary H said...


Deacon Kendra may be nice in person, but he has strange enthusiasms. He pushes the Bill Ditweig and Phyllis Zagano argument (Ditweig was forbidden to speak in Philly because of his views on women's ordination to the diaconate).

TTC said...

Anon, thanks for sharing info and context. Maybe he is a swell guy, maybe not the sharpest tool in the shed, but it is complete misrepresentation of context to allege Padre Pio called those who report the scandals of priests devils.

Maybe I am a cynic, but I find it hard to believe he is that dense. LOL

TTC said...

Dympha, I had to look that word up!

Anonymous said...

Anon2 - First off, what the Deacon actually said was: "I’m weary of the fighting. The name-calling. The ad hominems. The sneers and finger-pointing. I’m weary of the Catholic-against-Catholic warfare that has left too many muddied and bloodied. I’m weary of Catholics hurling accusations at bishops, notably the Bishop of Rome, in an effort to divide the faithful and turn the flock against the shepherd." He was not talking of the sexabuse crises at all by rather about those who attack Pope Francis for any reason. He said nothing about Padre Pio and pedophiles, but rather implied that Padre Pio would not have someone expose someone's doings (and he didn't say what those doings were) as a way to blackmail someone into withdrawing the restrictions which had been placed on him. Something honorable and hardly trashing Padre Pio. Scalia seemed to be saying that we don't know why Pope Francis met with a dissenting priest or the context in which it happened, so we should either refrain from conjecture or interpret in the most favorable light possible, as instructed by the CCC. Now, if you are worried about contagion over the blogosphere, you should look to your own post which may be unfairly maligning others and which is now being linked to, however unsupported your claims may be

TTC said...
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TTC said...

TTC has left a new comment on your post "Padre Pio, patron protector of pedophiles and othe...":


WHAT??!! The Deacon was accusing Catholics concerned about the misleading things the Pope is saying and doing of blackmail?

That takes first place blue ribbon.

Have you at all read this post?

The talking points in it articulate the valid concerns of Catholics as they pertain to the uncatechized and their children who are incapable of hearing the things the Pope is saying and watching what he is doing, experiencing the resurgence of apostasy on the parish level and the promotion of prelates who were once suspended for years for openly caricaturing his relationship with his lover as a 'couple' -- and drawing a conclusion that the Pope is instructing them to be faithful to the teaching in the Catechism.

Do you know how far fetched it is to suggest such a thing?

Are you able to relate to the damage being done by apostates who are in complete control of our schools and chanceries?

Do you know that practicing Catholics watching their children or loved ones being hoodwinked into the idea that adultery is okay with Pope Francis, and watching them sink deeper into sin construe their misleading as WORSE than the priest raping them?

Are you capable of grasping the incomprehensible nightmare of lay people who protect apostates with thuggery of victims crying out for relief or under the asinine assertion that that those articulating the dysfunction and disorder to seek intervention are participants in a petty squabble that is making the deacon weary?

We have a very serious problem and there are victims. Catholics have had enough of the mischaracterizations of the situation and bullying at Patheos.

Why on earth would you come around to recalibrate the patheos message in my com box?!!!

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