Wednesday, July 16, 2014

Holy See Posts Scalfari Interview on Vatican Website as if it's part of the Magisterium

I thought this was insidious the first time they did it but was somewhat relieved when they pulled it down after the fallout from the irresponsible statements reported by Scalfari on the first interview.

After the third interview and fallout, they have put the interview back up on the Vatican website, as if the buffoonery is part of the Magisterium.

Ok, it is getting pretty impossible to hold onto the charitable thought that it is all unintentional.

I am beginning to equate what is being done by the Pope to the people I love and our religion with the feelings I have for Joan Chittister.

With all due respect to Fr. Z, the idea that the Pope has nothing to do with the outcome of three interviews he himself participated in, with full knowledge of what happened each time - is know, ludicrous.

It's like saying Tom Fox has nothing to do with content of the National Catholic Reporter - it's all just booboos of the people he has around him who have their own agenda which he is incapable of stopping.

Come on!


Charmaine said...

"Stop kidding yourselves: Francis obviously likes Scalfari and Repubblica. He likes them, because he is like them. He is very satisfied with the way they have served his agenda so far. Therefore, he keeps using them to throw bazookas at the Church every time he likes, confident in the fact most Catholics are, as it is by now abundantly clear, too thick and too blind to get the facts, or to think with their own brains."

Michael said...

These Alinsky style interviews are only one aspect of the offensive that is going on. There are the meetings with the Evangelicals, which celebrate religious indifference. The con-celebration of Masses with LGBT activists. We don't even know what he is doing on the institutional level with "reforms", appointments and executive style actions. The public front will be opened in October with the Synod. I expect that will be handled more subtly, since the groundwork for eliminating morality from Church teaching is underway under the guise of "pastoral" outreach. My heart sank when the I heard the announcement that a Jesuit had been elected at the Conclave. I am not suprised by the rot that is proceeding apace.

TLM333 said...

Yes indeed Michael, my heart sank as well. From the moment he walked out on that balcony, I felt an uneasiness that I just couldn't explain. I have come to believe, however, there are two camps of Jesuits. I guess we are finding out which one he belongs to.

I somehow feel something is very very rotten in Denmark so to speak. With Pope Emeritus Benedict's "resignation" and now we have this? Something sinister this way comes.