Friday, July 18, 2014

Should Catholics take a chill pill about Pope Francis?

Our friend Mike Voris is suggesting the proper response to Pope Francis style of saying every thought that comes into his head no matter how unwise or unsound is to wait a few days until the Vatican can crack the code and tell us what he meant.

Here is a transcript.

Even if Catholics ignore a year and a half of the consistent messages that moral theology and commandments can be violated and will not result in a judgment and adjudication from Christ, evangelism should be about what should be done with money, the economy, lonely people, teenage unemployment and making sure trees (not women or children)can bear fruit without exploitation, Fr Lombardi has already confirmed that the scandalous things reported captured the essence of what Pope Francis said though is not a precise translation.

Michael seems to be swimming in the river of denial.

Further, and more importantly, how does Michael propose parents explain this new method of catechesis to their children?

Yes honey, I heard the Pope telling the world that the Catholic Church should not make judgments about homosexual sex and other small-minded rules about adultery, contraception, abortion and I know you have not heard him teach any of the things in the Catechism I have been teaching at home, and I know this appears to confirm what Father so and so preaches in the Church we fled -- but we must wait a few days or a few years until Fr Lombardi sends out a press release.

What exactly does Michael think has happened inside of every Catholic home after a year and a half of having Fr. Lombardi say, Ya, that is basically what the Pope said but not a precise translation?

Suggesting to parents that the right action inside of their homes is to ignore and continue to contradict the Pope and their children will get the tools they need for the rest of their life for the salvation of their souls is farcical.

There is a reason why there is a 2000 year history of Popes who adopt the style of not saying every thought that pops into their heads.

With every single vocation each of us accepts, there comes change.

We can no longer be who we are when we accept a vocation.

A woman who takes a husband has to come home and put a meal on the table instead of grabbing a salad and going to the gym. Even though going to the gym after work is very much who she is.

When she becomes a mother, she prepares herself by studying the best practices, she reads, observes, studies and she takes on an entirely new set of habits, discipline and sacrifices.

A man does the same as a husband and a father.

Is Michael now suggesting that vocations do not require the discipline and change that make them succesful?

Pope Francis is teaching us all how to be loosey goosey when we enter into a vocation and we should not inform our children and the people we love about how that road leads to a train wreck?

A priest spends years learning how the sacrifice of celibacy creates an intimate and powerful connection to Christ and how to use the connection and power to crush Satan's head. He surrenders who he is when he lays on the floor on the day of his ordination. He practices the art of discipline and sacrifice.

A priest who finds himself elected to the Chair of Peter requires the ultimate sacrifice of who he is. This change is so ginormous, Christ memorialized it with the practice of changing His Vicar's name, and telling him he is about to be chained and dragged to a place he will not want to go.

Cheapening this vocation as something a man could accept while continuing to act as he pleaseth no matter what the cost is to catechesis, salvation and unity is a terrible disservice to Christ and His Church and needs to be rejected.

We have a duty to preserve the vocation of a Pope, most especially when a current occupant wants to turn it into the adventures of Forest Gump.


Left-footer said...

This Pope fills me with shame.

God bless.

Netmilsmom said...

I've been just keeping my teens informed of TRUE teachings of The Church. It's the best I can do. No I won't take a "Chill Pill" Michael. First of all, I hate that phrase and secondly, you with no children have it much easier than we with children do.
I have to get them through this time and the ONLY way is through blogs that are realistic are truthful, like this one.

Steve Dalton said...

Michael Voris is in deep denial about the Pope. He reminds me of the members of the cult I used to be in. I (and everyone else in the cult) was in deep denial about Herbert Armstrong's actions and behaviors. Anyone with a clear mind could see that The Apostle, as we called him, was acting contrary to his own teachings of years past. Yet nearly everybody said, "Never question God's Apostle." Why? Because he was God's Apostle! IOW, because of the office he held, you could never point out the emperor had no clothes. Well, God in his mercy, made me realize that no man, even a so-called God's Apostle, was above God's law. I left, and discovered after I left, that Herbert Armstrong was a alcoholic, sexually perverted fiend, guilty of incest with his own daughter! Now, here I am, 33 years later, hearing another voice telling me not to publically criticize another Apostle because of his office. Same play, different actors. Michael Voris should be ashamed of himself for defending this foolish man who now sits in Peter's chair. What Voris is doing is just as evil and wicked as I and my former cult friends did in ignoring and defending our Apostle. Voris needs to realize he's setting people up for disillusionment and loss of faith with his see no evil, hear no evil, and speak no evil nonsense.

Steve Dalton said...

I just read Voris's Vortex commentary over at SP. The arrogant, condescending attitude he displays in his latest Vortex is insulting toward those of us with eyes that can see, and ears that can hear. I believe Voris, in spite of his public posturing as a champion of faith, is a very insecure man in his faith. Why else would he have to constantly defend the Pope, no matter what he says or does? IMO, Voris is a papolatrist. The Pope, not Jesus Christ, is his God. I do hope Mike wakes up and smells the coffee before it's too late.

TTC said...

That is Mike's style and I admire and support the work he is doing. He's been a tremendous help to Boston Catholics.

How does one spend years building a ministry on a crusade against the the same theological chicanery and then when it starts coming out of Rome, crusade against those very same people who are appalled by it and want it to stop?

The duplicity does not go unnoticed.

Steve Dalton said...

Carol, I think the answer to your question at 07/19/2014 at 2:19 PM can be summed up in two words: Opus Dei. When Mikey started what was then called RCTV years ago, his main backer was an Opus Dei member. In 2010, Michael recommended, on a Vortex, OD as a swell organization for concerned Catholics to belong to. To that best of my knowledge, he has never repudiated his endorsement. Indeed, his endorsement in still up on the CMTV YouTube Channel. Now, you may ask, what does this have to do with your question? To cut to the chase, Opus Dei and Michael Voris have the same modus operandi in dealing with church problems. Both will attack the priests and the bishops, but they say no criticism of the Pope. When I found out about Voris's ties to this shady organization, I stopped supporting him. If you think I'm coming across too strong in my denunciation of OD, go to and start learning some very uncomfortable facts about it.