Tuesday, July 22, 2014

Last Christians Alive Flee Iraq

These headlines claim that Barack Hussein remains silent as the ethnic cleansing of Christians in Iraq is in its final hours.

He helped supply the guns and is behind the murderers.

That is his statement.


Hesketh said...

The coward Pope and his henchmen bishops speak in muted tones about the pogroms against Christians in the Mideast by the Mohammadens. Truly it is a corrupt age.

Aged parent said...

That is unfortunately correct. The USA had their plans for their little murder raid on Syria last Summer thwarted by both prayers and Putin, so now they are using their paid proxies, ISIS, to do the work for them. It's an old game that the USA has played before and is still playing. Washington remains silent while Christians in Syria and Palestine are blown to bits, and even cheers on the killers while all the while expressing "regret" that innocent civilians are being obliterated. Their smug hypocrisy is really quite disgusting.