Tuesday, July 22, 2014

The Bishops Doth Protest Too Much

Reading the news, the world is really in a free fall, isn't it.

Obama's army of Christ killers are marking the homes of Christians in the Middle East for the planned executions as the son of beezabul vacations on the Vineyard.

It took a long time to get to this point in time and as far as I am concerned, the Bishops have as much blood on their hands as the Democrats. The Bishops are worse because though they knew the truth, they collaborated in the subversion of it. They traded the salvation of their people for a seat at the table with corrupt politicians. They continue to do it to this day.

As the cronies of the agenda were brainwashing our children in schools, parishes, as civil law robbed us of the constitutional right to refuse to do harm to the soul or physical body of another human being, they honored the politicians, sat silent through the slaughters or worse, maligned Catholics who attempted to save Christ's people from it - including the people we loved. They stood at arms length from it all, thinking they had no accountability for people they had set up for spiritual suicide.

Their pious exchanges and publicity stunts with politicians and their cronies is their coup de grace to their uncatechized and wounded countrymen.

Ecce Homo.

I know more than I ever want to know. It was like having a front row seat to the USCCB seated beside Nero in the stadium chomping on grapes and escargot as they tortured and killed Christians below.

The most compelling example was the outsourcing of abortions. Many years have passed and I still can't get over their willingness to deliberately entrap hundreds of thousands of souls into killing other people. I knew in that moment we were toast.

Up until this point in time the situations didn't really put their own hands-on the gun to pull the proverbial trigger but I knew the day would come.

They are all in a dither and a dather over Obama's executive order.

I couldn't agree more with Janet.

It was ok when teachers and doctors and nurses and cabdrivers and pharmacists and priests and children had to carry out the orders, contracts and edicts they negotiated with politicians.

As the policies start circling their own wagons, the crybabying from the USCCB has finally commenced.

Cry me a river.


Anonymous said...

According to the USCCB, it's OK to rule by decree, as long as they are "good" decrees. Obama's recent LGBT decree is "bad," but his June 15, 2012, decree to stop deporting young illegal immigrants while the nightmarish DREAM (Development, Relief, and Education for Alien Minors) Act was tied up in Congress, was a "good" decree. As LA Archbishop Gomez said on behalf of the USCCB, "The U.S. Conference of Catholic Bishops welcomed the action of President Barack Obama ... As many as 800,000 young people would be eligible to receive a deferred action on deportation for two years, and a work permit" (www.usccb.org/news/2012/12-110.cfm). I presume that they would go along with a similar Obama decree for the present border "crisis" in view of the gridlock in Congress concerning his request for almost $4 billion to deal with it.

Anonymous said...

The only Apostle who sucked the teat of the GOVERNMENT cash cow was JUDAS.

The Cardinal needs to reject all government money to reach his goals of the new evangelism.

My pastor asked for more money and I quadrupled my donation because he said that our parish "gets NO MONEY" from any government cash cows". That is how God's Church is supposed to work.

If it does not work out that way for a pastor - it is no reason to turn to the multi-breasted goddess to suck out cash - rather be a poor church - it would please Pope Francis more than a wealty "VIBRANT' church.