Tuesday, July 29, 2014

Pope Francis Ten Tips for Happiness - Folk Wisdom from Dalai Franka

Pope Francis doozy to the Pentecostals shed some light on his canard about happiness.

I thought to myself, "Oh,I get it. He's giving out advice to make people feel good about themselves when they're in a state of mortal sin."

And brother, are the poor uncatechized slobs of this world ever going to need it.

This is brutal, isn't it?

If the translation is accurate, in the Pope's speech to the Pentecostals, he actually announced heresy, apostasy and the separation of countless immortal souls from Christ's Church should be 'celebrated' as 'diverrsity'.

It's clear Archbishop Chaput is troubled by the dissatisfaction with the folk wisdom of Dalia Franka.

Through the years, Archbishop Chaput has forged a special bond with Catholics who know true happiness and peace of mind and spirit can never be found outside of a state of sanctifying grace.

I'm sure he is getting an earful from people for whom he holds a great deal of respect.

There is one flaw in Ab Chaput's thesis that I have found repeats itself when people try to urge mothers to accept the antidote of watching the faith of their children unravel in the switcheroo from Sanctifing Grace to cheap grace.

They keep trying telling us that Pope Francis believes in the teachings of the Church.

Nobody sound and rational is disputing that Pope Francis himself is faithful to the teachings of the Church.

What they don't seem to get is, we are not interested in his personal set of values and his personal practices. Our dissatisfaction is related to his actual job: teaching our children and the people we love what to believe.

So when the Pope suggests the worst thing to do is evangelize the teachings of the Church or we should let apostasy live and let live or 'celebrate' the 'diversity' of the people we love moseying on down the road to a protestant church - and all the other nonsense that has been the fruit of lo these 500 days, we take no comfort in the proposition that Pope Francis knows his own way to Heaven.

God bless him, I hope he makes it.

But I am beside myself about he is teaching our children to believe is the path to their salvation.

If Archbishop Chaput believes there is some place in Heaven where prelates who have misled souls reside, I do not join him in that delusion, but where Pope Francis goes for his eternal place of rest is not on my radar.

If over the course of 500 days, the Pope taught our children faithfulness to teachings of the Church, these ten suggestions would be benign. They may actually be welcomed.

Even if he said nothing to instruct our people how to make judgments on the deposit of faith, the ten suggestions wouldn't stand out like a sore thumb.

But Pope Francis has repeatedly and consistently given our children the message he's come along to show us all the key to happiness is poopoohing 2000 years of judgments in the deposit of faith and focusing on what everyone does with money. You can sleep around, take contraception, murder your children, go to the protestant church -- so long as you donate time and money, you are on the path to salvation. Anyone who is honest has to agree this is the message of this papacy.

Pope Francis has painted himself as the white horse who is going to save Christ's Church from the faithfulness to Christ's teachings which is making the world miserable.

Unrepentant, murderers feel emotions that might temporarily lift their spirit when playing with their children and could in fact spend 24 hours of their day following the Pope's 10 suggestions, but they are nothing but distractions. The state of their soul controls their intellect which in turn controls their emotions. Outside of a state of grace, those wires are frazzled.

Leisure is not going to fix the problem any more than the drugs the shrinks are passing out like candy.


Steve Dalton said...

This 'I'm sorry' shout out to the Holy Rollers is soooo silly. These people are heretics who have done, like every other sectarian group that has come down the pike, have done it's share of damage to the Holy Church. Especially the so-called Catholic Charismatics within the Church. And any so-called 'ill-treatment' taken against these people in the 20's and 30's in Italy was probably because some devout Catholics got alarmed at seeing their friends or relatives roll on the floor or gibber-gabber in nonsense talk. I'd demand swift action myself if I saw somebody acting like a lunatic!

Anonymous said...

I couldn't agree more. I wonder if, at some point--very soon--we shouldn't try to get a movement of faithful, orthodox Catholics to rise up and all start telling Pope Francis and our bishops (maybe the Gang of Eight) that we're tired of Francis' schtick and want him to either teach what the Church teaches shut up, or resign. Maybe it would be a Tea Party-like movement. If we could get enough people and make enough of a stink, maybe it would hit the mainstream media, and then Francis would listen?

TTC said...

I think t'would be better for us to do a Friday fast for the Pope with the specific intention of the catechesis of Christ's heirs to His Body, Blood.

Believe me when I tell you he is fully aware of our concerns.

JB said...

Don't listen to him. And I would not assume that his personal practices are all hunky dory either. The man issues and endless stream of indifferentism to the Church and world and that itself is a sin.

Adam Michael said...

"Nobody sound and rational is disputing that Pope Francis himself is faithful to the teachings of the Church."

It is quite sound and rational to conclude that a man who does not teach the Catholic Faith, makes statements, which would be unarguable evidence of heresy/schism/apostasy if coming from the mouth of anyone else, and damages the Catholic sense of the faithful nearly every day, is not faithful to the teachings of the Catholic Church. In fact, it is the height of irrationality to make continual explanations to argue the opposite while the person in question becomes ever bolder and more explicit by the day in his attacks on Catholic doctrine and practice.

Now, whether that candid admission makes one a good Catholic or saves one from persecution by his fellow co-religionists, is another issue. But please don't deny the sanity and rationality of those who (from all appearances) appraise the current papal situation with the cold eyes of sharp logic, even if not always with the warmest and strongest faith.

TTC said...

Adam, well, the Pentecostal talk and the ten suggestions sure were corkers weren't they.

Still,it it's all way to subtle for me to say he's an apostate.

If you've been around this blog at all, it should be clear the last thing I care about is saving myself from the criticism. My servitude is completely to Christ and I will continue to make judgments based upon my gut instincts.

My gut instincts on this bloat is, he's faithful himself but he thinks he's reeling them in with the nudge and the wink to mortal sin and sacrilegious Communion and acting like a regular schmoe instead of the custodian of the Deposit of Faith and salvation.

Like the parents we all see or hear about in town that throw high school graduation night co-ed parties and serve alcohol to underage children thinking this is how to win influence with them so they can later tell them to be sober, responsible, law abiding adults and be taken seriously.

The parents who do it are not necessarily drunks themselves, their synapses are not all firing and so they come up with some dumb ideas, they are unable to anticipate consequences or process explanations of why it is a dumb idea.

He doesn't come across to me as the sharpest tool in the shed, but I do not think he is an apostate.

But it really doesn't matter to me. My tether to Christ's Church is way beyond him, so if my gut instincts turn out to be wrong, you'll be reading about it at the blogeroo!

rubyroad said...

Then why doesn't he genuflect at the Consecration?

Joe Potillor said...

rubyroad, I thought that it was because of an ailment that he could not genuflect...until I saw Pope Francis kneeling to kiss the feet during Holy Thursday...his refusal to genuflect is something that immediately concerned me. If he can't genuflect, he should offer the Liturgy of St John Chrysostom (no genuflections)...but it seems he's refusing to do so...which is an exterior reflection of an interior disposition. If 87 year old Benedict XVI can do so...should not all do the same?

My thoughts on Pope Francis are rather simple: May his pontificate be short and Cardinal Ranjith take his office....(since he's fully aware of the confusion he's causing, I take that to mean praying for his conversion (which I'm doing) may prove to be rather difficult)