Sunday, July 13, 2014

Pope Francis thinks celibacy causes pedophilia and 1/50 priests are pedophiles?

...says 90-year-old Scarfali who doesn't take notes.

According to Scalfari, who is an atheist, Pope Francis called the Catholic Church’s priestly celibacy a “problem.”....“There are solutions and I will find them,” the pope allegedly said...

The response from the Holy See is underwhelming: Kinda what the Pope said but not precisely.

In a statement in response to the interview, the Vatican respectfully questioned Scalfari’s memory, saying the journalist may have relayed “the sense and spirit of the conversation between the Holy Father and Scalfari,” but that the article is, ”the result of his memory as an expert journalist but not of a precise transcript of a recording nor of a revision from the part of the interested, to whom the words are attributed to.”

Celibacy is to the vocation of priesthood as monogamy is to the vocation of marriage.

Celibacy is the rocket fuel for intimacy with Christ and efficacy of prayer.

It is the ultimate in a fast offering. A thousand times more powerful than a fast from food.

The Pope thinks this is a problem for which he intends to find a solution?

Does he also believe this most efficacious form of fast from sex is causing pedophilia? It's a bit unclear from the article.

How would that work?

A normal man who is attracted to women offers Christ monogamy and that turns him into a pedophile -- and 1/50 priests are now pedophiles?

This...absolute lunacy captures 'the sense and spirit of the conversation...but not of a precise transcript"?

How close was it?

I would think such a quote would be so far out of sync with the convictions of a Pope on celibacy, it could safely be said that it bears no resemblance.

It does not go without notice that Pope Francis has absolutely zippo on the record about the powerful and magnificent, prayerful fast offered to Christ in celibacy.


Restore-DC-Catholicism said...

Don't you think it quite telling that the Pope would even talk again to Scalfari, after the October debacle? This is not just a problem of him being dense and not learning the lessons from the previous time. I regret to say he knows exactly what he's doing. This is very bad news, with the harm going beyond the topic of the interview.

TTC said...

Janet, agreeing to another interview with Scalfari is a symptom of the bigger problem but I don't feel I have the information I need to say his agenda is wreckovation and he is on full throttle.

There are some things that are clear to me. His mentality is depriving Cathechesis to the thousands so The atheists and pagans and heretics will think he is cool and this somehow is winning in numbers saved. He is giving the witness that Catholic Doctrine is toxic and and he has arrived to help institute glibal Caligula and communism.

Truth be told, whether he is doing it intentionally or he is an imbecile or some other reason, is irrelevant to me. What matters to me is, it is rolling out, he is aware of the damage and he keeps on doing it.

Netmilsmom said...

It's funny, because here in the US, there are these amazing devices that actually keep and store the sound of your voice. In fact, there are also these cool inventions that not only record your voice, but can take MOVING pictures of people! If they are used, and someone reports something that needs clarification, one can actually review and play again every bit of that period of time!
These "recordings" can also be shown to other people if in doubt. Maybe someone should clue the Vatican in to this amazing technology for these interviews.

Steve Dalton said...

Netmilsmom is right. The Pope should have all future interviews recorded. Right now, we don't know who's lying or telling the truth. Francis's known statement's and behaviors give credence to this latest interview with Scalfari, so he should either stop these interviews or have them recorded.

Tereze Avila said...

People, can you finally see through the web of this plan to destroy Catholic Church? THE TRUE POPE IS BENEDICT XVI, and this one is an IMPOSTER!!! He will lead the church toward Schism... He is an ANTI-POPE LIKE PROPHESIED by many including the last prophecy of Saint Francis of Assisi, who called him A DESTROYER OF THE LAST DAYS...

Check this prophecy on:

Mike Hurcum said...

here we go again the sense and the spirit stupidity all over again. Either he said it or he did not. Christ says a yes is yes no is no. anything else is not of Him. It seems that Fr Lombardi is not in the Papal confidence. He certainly does not advise press wise. Perhaps it would more honorable to resign. Of course he will want to stay perhaps his ego tells him one day he will get the Pope to listen and avoid scandal

Hesketh said...

Francis recently met with victims of clerical sexual abuse at the Vatican. One of the victims, Marie Kane, gave an interview to Radio Telefis Eireann Radio 1 about the meeting with Francis. At end of the interview she said:

"I'll never get my faith back. I don't think I'll ever go back, to the church. And actually the pope, I said that to him. And he said, "You know you don't need, you don't need to be in the church, you are part of the church, you don't physically need to be in it, inside it you know to be part of God's family like." So little messages like that were really nice, you know. He put thought into what he said to me today. It wasn't just answers off the cuff. So a very positive experience, for me."

Steve Dalton said...

This latest by the sex abuse victim makes me think you ought to change the title of this post from "What Did The Pope Really Say?" to Yes, He Said It! It's pretty obvious by now that he's not being misquoted. His flunkies in the Vatican and the blogosphere are scrambling to con us to believe he really didn't say it. The only problem with that is there are too many quotes from diverse sources and people that show this is a pattern of behavior with this man. It's time we man up and accept the harsh reality that we have a loo-loo at the best or a evil, cynical manipulator at the worst as a Pope. Pray that God will deliver us from this problem soon!

Dymphna said...

I never thought I'd say this but how about a prayer campaign pleading for the pope to hush for a month?

Steve Dalton said...

Amen, Dymphna, amen!

Mike Hurcum said...

Dymphna, little while ago with some thought on the matter of praying for the Pope and the Papal Office I prayed. The thought was very prominent in my mind that I could not make suggestions to God but I could ask for anyone who tried to use the Pope, the papal office for their own agenda and contrary to His will should be quickened by truth. Also I asked and have done for some time now that all concerned in the Papal position and Office, who wish to use it to suit their will and not God's should receive a stern example of god's will and that all concerned should examine their collective consciences to avoid scandalizing the faithful. Not much luck so far so either I'm wrong or more similar prayers are needed,