Sunday, July 13, 2014

The destruction of America

I have not been able to stomach the stories chronicling the destruction of our sovereignty and country by importing hundreds of thousands through the Mexican border.

The end is nigh.

You've just got to love the intellectual dishonesty of pretending they don't know the proper course of action is to deliver the children to their own embassies and drive the empty buses away.

So what is immigration now? You just walk across our borders where they will point you to the office to sign up for free food and housing? Paid for by whom? Where is the money coming from?

I know numerous American single women with children who are denied food and housing. The government tells them they do not have the resources.

The streets of our country are loaded up with starving and homeless Americans because Barack Hussein and the Bishops said they did not and do not have the resources to help them. Our sick are dying because we do not have resources or money to give them and the solution of the government of Barack Hussein is to kill them with legal injection.

The communist priests and bishops are all over using the situation to promote the agenda.

Fr. Z posted an interesting commentary from Dick Morris that is pretty accurate:

You can't fool all the people all of the time.


Anonymous said...

Pray the Rosary, pray pray pray....Nicaragua
During the Iran-Contra hearings, the Defense Intelligence Agency revealed that by 1985 the Nicaraguan military was at an all-time high of 62,000. The Nicaraguan government had more forces than the rest of Central America combined, not including the presence of Soviet, Cuban, and PLO advisers.
A 10,500 foot airstrip with six foot deep runways that can accommodate the most deadly Soviet bombers is now completely built at Punta Huete in Nicaragua. This airstrip is already fortified as a military installation. Anti-aircraft batteries and surface-to-air missiles are already in place.
The final plans for the invasion of North America are now being made. Thomas Borge, the Interior Minister of Nicaragua said: "We have Nicaragua, soon we will have El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, Costa Rica, and Mexico. One day, tomorrow or five years or fifteen years from now, we're going to take 5 to 10 million Mexicans and they are going into Dallas, into El Paso, into Houston, into New Mexico, into San Diego, and each one will have embedded in his mind the idea of killing ten Americans." (Thomas Borge, Nicaragua Interior Minister as quoted in the Washington Times, March 27, 1985)

Anonymous said...

Les Femmes - The Truth reported on July 4, 2014

There's a good article at Spero Forum addressing the opinions of St. Thomas Aquinas on immigration. Here are a few paragraphs that sum up some essentials:
These are some of the thoughts of Saint Thomas Aquinas on the matter of immigration based on biblical principles. It is clear that immigration must have two things in mind: the first is the nation’s unity; and the second is the common good.
Immigration should have as its goal integration, not disintegration or segregation. The immigrant should not only desire to assume the benefits but the responsibilities of joining into the full fellowship of the nation. By becoming a citizen, a person becomes part of a broad family over the long term and not a shareholder in a joint stock company seeking only short-term self-interest.
Secondly, Saint Thomas teaches that immigration must have in mind the common good; it cannot destroy or overwhelm a nation.
This explains why so many Americans experience uneasiness caused by massive and disproportional immigration. Such policy artificially introduces a situation that destroys common points of unity and overwhelms the ability of a society to absorb new elements organically into a unified culture. The common good is no longer considered.
Right! And many of our bishops are primary culprits in enabling the destruction of our country and the common good. It's unfortunate that so many nations have corrupt governments that exploit their people. (Like ours doesn't?) But the answer is not to destroy what little unity we have in the U.S. by flooding the country with illegals, many of whom have no interest in assimilating but simply want to cash in on government handouts bankrupting communities and stealing from the taxpayers. (Attention, bishops, stealing is a sin!) Pray for our bishops! Many of them are blind guides drawing their flocks to error and sin. Never forget that prudent Catholics test the spirits.