Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Barack Hussein Administration to Rescue Yezidis, leaving tens of thousands of Christians to die

The unfolding events in Iraq leave little room for doubt the POTUS is a Christ killer.

Today's readings were, once again, tough to get through.

Meanwhile, John Allen expresses his "surprise" that the Holy See supports military action that stops terrorists from mass murder.

Give me a break.

In a similar vein, Archbishop Silvano Tomasi, the Vatican’s envoy to the United Nations in Geneva, told Vatican Radio that “military action in this moment is probably necessary.”

Both Lingua and Tomasi went on to say that the international community needs to do more to unmask whoever’s supporting the radical Islamic State forces and to cut off its supply of arms, signaling reservations about widening the conflict.

At the same time, their endorsement of the American action, however grudging, was unmistakable. In light of recent history, it’s a sharp reversal of course.

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