Friday, August 15, 2014

Joan Chittister Tells Heretical Nuns to "Cry Out"

Here's a good dose of kooky to kick off your weekend.

Can't the gals organize a conference filled with infidels to teach them how to twerk and sleep around without the Holy See jumping to the conclusion it's unfaithful?

It's the 21st Century for crying out loud.

Chittister reminds nuns that St. Catherine of Seina would exhort them to cry out about their sexual oppression. Cry out ladies, she says, cry out.

A clarion call for lady Tom Fox who writes about the gender-determined authority system of questioning obedience.

Fox wonders: Why oh why can't the bishops see the integrity in disagreeing with doctrine? Pope Francis has instructed the Church not to take the directives of the Holy See's doctrinal congregation seriously so why doesn't he lighten the load of apostate nuns? It's a mystery!!

Another one of the ladies, Eugene Kennedy, has figured out the real reason for the Vatican's problem with valiant women. The Vatican is trying to infantilizing women, trying to get them behind their grammar school desks where they will do what they're told. It's a cruel world!

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Check out the photos from the coven. Enough said.

Cry me a river ladies.


Fed Up! said...

These women lost their identity when They left their grammar school desks! I doubt you could find a parochial school today with a religious behind the desk. Those women of yesterday taught me and I'll never forget or give up my Faith because of them! These women should be told Vatican II was NOT a docturnal council for crying out loud!

Left-footer said...

This is a terifying pcture of the Church, weak, indecisive, and at war with itself, which must face the forces of Islam.

God bless!