Thursday, August 21, 2014

Barack Hussein sends message to Islam after beheading of American: I'm heading to play nine holes

He really knows how to send a message to the muslims about his sincerity and conviction, eh?

He was on the golf course teeing off 8 minutes after his press conference on James Foley.

Eight minutes later, he was bent over a ball on the golf course.

The pictures of B Hussein will really terrify them!

Obama’s press conference was terse and brief, and he took no questions afterward. He made vague promises that America would bring the terrorists to justice, but mostly stuck to condemning their actions without clearly laying out what he would to as Commander-in-Chief.

The golf outing was confirmed by a Washington Examiner White House correspondent as well.

Journalists are reported to be 'stunned' he doesn't give a flying fig.

Maureen Dowd is do disenchanted, she's calling BamBam a wet blanket.

The sad part is that this is an ugly and confusing time at home and abroad, and the country needs its president to illuminate and lead, not sink into some petulant expression of his aloofness,

Well, ya know, six years is a long time out of your life to put on a dog and pony show.

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Anonymous said...

12:57 Barry gave his talk, 1:05 he was swinging, had to have been at the club just stopping in for a Kool Aid.