Wednesday, August 20, 2014

Ice Bucket Challenge to 'raise awareness' for ALS

Every time I check facebook, there are a handful of village idiots dumping buckets of ice on their head to 'raise awareness' for ALS. I particularly like the hysteria involved in 'nominating' others to 'take the challenge' within 24 hours.

Remember when raising awareness for ALS used to be educating people on symptoms with families who told their stories, talk about research and monies needed to assist those suffering? Superstars would volunteer time, treasure and talent to... raise money?

Jerry Lewis sure must be LOL.

They're raised my awareness all right.

I'm aware of how exactly how stupid the intellect of Americans has become.

When ISIS decides to roll out their peaceful religion here, they won't have very much work to do.

A couple of them could get a facebook account and initiate a 'light your pants on fire' challenge to 'raise awareness' for the United States Constitution.

Seriously, it's funding embryonic stem-cell research. You have to scratch the surface of everything.

I thought this was a great spoof.

An excellent serious observation.

Baby Jesus, help us.

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Anonymous said...

Thank YOU for bringing this to my attention!