Tuesday, August 5, 2014

Cardinal O'Malley Waits Until after Governor Signs Buffer Zone Legislation to Act Like He Opposed It.

My friends at Boston Catholic Insider do an outstanding job pointing out Cardinal O'Malley's shameless statement AFTER the buffer zone was signed and enacted into law.

Cardinal Sean O’Malley continued his failure to publicly walk the talk on abortion by issuing a statement on his blog opposing the recent enactment of a new buffer zone law in Massachusetts–yet he did nothing in advance of the law’s passage to even try to oppose it.

If he wasn't traveling the country for the last six months making sappy statements and pulling publicity stunts to support the anarchy of opening the borders to illegal immigrants, maybe he could have gotten away with his phony attempt at being indignant.

In fact, in the July 22nd edition of State House News in the Lowell Sun, a reporter observed Cardinal O'Malley at Governor Patrick's office talking about illegal immigration. With the critical timing of the buffer zone law looming, the reporter went out of his way to prod the Cardinal to say something about the buffer zone. The Cardinal said....are you ready?... NO COMMENT!.

What is the point of deliberately doing nothing to oppose the bill and then issuing a statement about how awful it is after it's enacted into law?


Anonymous said...

"A day late and a dollar short."

Anonymous said...

Have to keep up appearances, you know!

M. Prodigal said...

Kind of like when the prelates in NY did nothing to stop the gay 'marriage' push but said something, half apologetically--to the homosexuals--afterwards.

Where are our true shepherds?>??

Gen said...

They are destroying the Church. This nutty Pope who cannot even communicate clearly and his coterie of 10 wackos. My priest is gung ho for "The New Church". Did you know we have a new Church? This is like Vatican II Redux. I do not go to Mass now, I cannot tolerate the nonsense. My Church is dying, I really believe they are destroying it.

TTC said...

Gen, are you out of your mind??!!

Why would you let the devil dissuade you from reception of Our Blessed Lord?

That is the last thing I would ever let the devil rob from me!

Don't you miss Him?

How do you deal with everyday nonsense without His sweet kiss and counsel?

Find another parish and priest. There are plenty out there who practice their vocation of teaching the tools for salvation that drive you to the Sacrament if absolution and filling your soul with the Properties of Christ's Divinity.

Find a confessor and drive out the demon leading you by the nose, and get back to Christ. Let no man or beast separate you from That! Ever!!