Sunday, August 3, 2014

New Article on Squatters at St. Frances Xavier Cabrini

After ten years of larceny of our building, the Archdiocese still doesn't seem able to figure out the proper action to take in the theft of our Church in Scituate.

When the archdiocese announced parish closings ten years ago, a group of old seahags from a local wealthy town rushed the Church and locked the archdiocese out of their own building.

They've been operating a schismatic parish there for ten years. They have a once-a-week nutty service led by two 80-year-old women.

Can you imagine having your mind so far gone that you're drawn away from the Sacred Liturgy and Christ's Body and Blood to something so farcical?

Rogers said members are prepared to continue operating St. Frances X. Cabrini as an independent Catholic church outside the archdiocese and the church hierarchy rather than give up the parish they love.

As if there was such a thing.

The spokesperson for the Archdiocese indicates they are still a sandwich shy of a picnic:

“It’s over,” Donilon said.

No. You're still locked out of your own Church. When it's over, they'll be outside and you'll be inside.

These people are setting themselves up for front-page headlines-Archbishop Sean send Nana and Bumpy to jail:

“They’re going to have to arrest us,” said Rogers.

Not if you're home sleeping when the locksmith cometh.


StevenD-Jasper said...

They love the building more than Christ. The Archdiocese should call the police and have them escorted out. This is ridiculous.

Steve Dalton said...

In a way, I feel for these people. The Archdiocese probably wanted to sell this parish church to pay for the abusive priest scandals. If this is the case, I can understand why they would be upset. What I don't understand is, why Boston wants to close them down. The parishioners seem to have more than enough money to keep St. Fran X open. I can't understand why the ADB and this parish can't meet half way and keep it open. Attitudes on both sides will have to change first of course, but unless I'm missing something, I don't see why this isn't possible.

Michael Davitt said...

My enquiry concerns the "communion service."

Where are they getting the
"consecrated" hosts?

Is it from a Priest(?) who has
lost his faculties?

TTC said...

They used to have a few kooky priests who would transubstatiate more than they needed and give them a few fistfulls.

I don't think the priests are doing that anymore so it's about as valid as a wooden nickel.

TTC said...


I agree the property would most likely be sold to recover costs of the malfeasance and misfeasance of the good old boy problem in the Catholic Church.

Operating a schismatic parish leaves no room for empathy.

Holy Trinity fought the same fight but they did not operate a schismatic church.