Sunday, August 10, 2014

Frustrated with Francis?

Outstanding video from Fr. Nicholson.

He states, "There are some Catholics today who do not understand Our Holy Father."


Come on Father!

BTW - anyone know who it is peaking through the leaves before the video starts?

Fr. Nicholson gets to the heart of the spiritual warfare - the spirit of indifference - which he believes the Holy Father to be strategically combating. He characterizes the spirit as a possession. There is no question that what is going on around all of us is demonic in nature. It is, as Father describes, a diabolical entrenchment which cannot be exorcised by one person, even if that person is the Holy Father.

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Steve Dalton said...

Who is this priest trying to kid? We understand the Holy Father quite well! Francis is a leftist who seems to have it in for traditional or conservative Catholics. While he's correct about the diabolical disorientation, I'm ticked at the way he defecting criticism away from the head man. This is what Voris is doing. We laity well do what he suggests, but the head of the army must stop attacking his loyal to the faith troops, and stop winking at and patting on the back the very people who are stabbing us in the back!