Sunday, August 10, 2014

Obama Plays Golf as the Minions He Funded Bury Alive

Here is the POTUS playing golf as US funded Hamas rises to kill the Christians and Jews. News this morning is, they are burying alive and taking others as sex slaves.

I guess this explains why the Obama administration calls it the great 'religion' of 'peace'. Killing us off gives them their serenity.

There is nothing like the serenity and peace of cutting a baptized Christian child in half.

What ever happened to John Kerry? Is he still the SOS?

I suppose if a baptized Catholic supports the activities of Hamas, it's tough to get in front of a camera and lobby for the killing to stop. (It is interesting how they are now calling Hamas "ISIS")

Earlier Saturday, Obama justified the U.S. military's return to fighting in Iraq by saying America must act now to prevent genocide, protect its diplomats and provide humanitarian aid to refugees trapped by Islamic militants on a
mountain ridge near the Syrian border.

"This is going to be a long-term project" that won't end and can't succeed unless Iraqis form an inclusive government in Baghdad capable of keeping the country from breaking apart, Obama said on the South Lawn of the White House, just before boarding Marine One for his summer vacation in Massachusetts.

That's what the Bushies were doing you moron. You abandoned the project and it is now, too late. They are taking over the world. In your own spiritual blindness, you got on the wrong side of it. You funded and supported the murderers.

What a mess they have made of this world. Sr. Suffragette had to rise out of bed and pull down the flag in her own country while all the sissified men and leaders were shivering inside of their homes saying how inappropriate it was to raise the flag.

When local bigots put up antiCatholic posters at Christmas, the same 77-year-old nun had to lead a crusade against the bigotry. The poor woman is in a village of wimps. God help her.

I wonder who they will target next ? England? France?

Until the US Bishops help them illegally immigrate across US borders, there are not enough of them in the US to take us by siege. They will get there and the poor halfwits in this country will pay for their food, lodging and education until they rise.

Who was it that said, "those who remain silent are responsible"?

Pope Francis has decided to send Cardinal Fernando Filoni to Iraq and has asked us all to join him in prayer this weekend. I am united and lifting my prayers with him daily.

UPDATE--As CMR is reporting, the army Obama and John Kerry funded is putting the decapitated heads of Christian children on sticks in Mosul Obama plays golf. I could not bring myself to say it, but the macabre and evil should be brought to light.

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