Sunday, August 17, 2014

Great supportive post for Mike Voris

I couldn't agree more with this bear!

The Bear says "seems" because the Pope has never articulated his theology of salvation, or his theology of the Church: soteriology and ecclesiology respectively....Catholics are left to guess about Pope Francis' beliefs...

The Bear has gone from being an early fan of the Pope to deep distrust. Pope Francis has been entrusted with the deposit of the Faith. He should be as cautious as a man carrying a Tiffany lamp on roller skates. Instead, he is careless, reckless, even. He treats the papacy as Jorge's Big Chance to Do Whatever He Wants....

His focus is those disgruntled with Voris.

Nicely said:

Ironically, it is precisely because The Vortex has been so issue-focused and fearlessly hard-hitting that its silence about Pope Francis is all the more noticeable.

But Church Militant TV is not irrelevant.

The Vortex remains a snappy, well-produced show and a faithful watchdog who barks at everybody (except the Pope)
Although it seems like the Pope dwarfs everything else, he is not the Church's only problem, and The Vortex still has plenty of work to do
The Vortex can provide instruction on doctrines that Pope Francis seems to call into question, without saying anything about the Pope directly
The Vortex is only a tiny part of what's available to premium users -- literally a bewildering variety of Catholic programming for 10 bucks a month

While we might hope for more from Church Militant TV, the Bear counsels everyone to let them figure out their own course on this matter. In the meantime, Church Militant TV remains one of the top go-to places for excellent Catholic programming. The worst thing we could do is cut off our noses to spite our face by cancelling subscriptions or tuning out their shows. For once, let's not give in to fratricide. Whether you are a conservative Catholic, prefer the Traditional Latin Mass, or are just an ordinary pewsitter with a growing sense that something is very wrong, we all need to work together and support each other.

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Steve Dalton said...

While CMTV does put out good material, I can no longer support it. Voris's yes man for the Pope act is cultic. Cult leaders don't allow themselves to be criticized, and Voris, IMO,is playing the role of a fanatical cult follower, like I used to be, to the hilt. He won't listen to any criticism of his leader, and will condemn anyone who has the guts to do so. The Pope is 'different' from the mere bishops and priests he routinely criticizes. As a former cult member, I heard this years ago, and I saw how it destroyed lives. Voris, until he repents of his papalotry, should be considered irrelevant.