Monday, August 18, 2014

Please keep policemen in your prayers.

Good reading at Matt Walsh's.

More anarchy from Obama - police bad, criminals good.

Can't a drug addict pull a strong-arm robbery, beat people up and rush towards police with a threatening demeanor?

Do you know Amnesty International arrived on the scene?

Amnesty International!!!

Are they serious?

Whoah, this is a trial run for something big.

Did you see the looting?

Payless shoe store was hit hard.

The only thing left in the store was workboots: Not a single pair was taken.

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Steve Dalton said...

Black misbehavior has gotten a free pass for far too long in this country. It's time the rest of us start telling these people that they can't hide behind the excuses of racism, poverty, poor education,and joblessness any more. If the so-called black leadership can not get their people to act responsibly on their own, then we may have to force good behavior on them by the type of laws we had years before the civil rights era. I know that sounds shocking, but when a large group of people show no self control, do you want them to have unlimited freedom?