Saturday, August 16, 2014

What is good for the goose is good for the gander.

I had a little fun yesterday writing about Joan Chittister crybabying about the 'the question of agency in man's church'.

Please pardon me as I digress from the purpose of the post for a minute.

I think I was 50 before I realized how easy it is to recognize the devil in the details.

The logic of a person who has been deceived by the devil is filled with deception.

Most times, I still don't recognize it right away. When a situation arises where a person is presenting deceptive logic or reason, as I am processing to respond, I feel the deception long before I put my finger on the pulse of the deception.

Deception always says hello by kicking me in the gut. I feel the impact in my gut but almost never look to see what it is. I scramble to my feet and do my best to respond to unravel it.

I spend far too long trying to do the 'splainin.

As Christ said (and I believe as our Holy Father is trying to put into practice), sometimes casting out a devil needs prayer and fasting because the intellect of the person is too seriously impaired from the effects of sin.

I mention this because deception from the devil is manifesting all around us and sometimes from people and situations where we least expect it, where our guard is down. Those are the situations where I seem to fumble the most.

There I'll be walking Castle Island, enjoying the ice cream from Sullivan's and as the person is talking I am thinking to myself..'Wait a minute...WHAT?!!' BAM!, a kick in the gut!

When deception kicks, I find myself walking the crazy intellectual labyrinth with them and my immediate response is appealing to their intellect with ordered logic and truth. Instead of summonsing the Holy Spirit, St. Michael, Blessed Mother and Christ and following up with fasting for that person.

I start and end my day asking for God's presence in these moments throughout the day in my thoughts, words, deeds and I often immerse myself in Christ throughout the day in the quiet moments. I go to daily Mass when I can. And, I often still lose my way when a person presents deception. I cannot imagine how people disconnected from Christ and the Eucharist are managing.

Some pretty serious demons are unchained. The murderer and liar from the beginning. The spiritual effects environmentally contaminate places. With boatfuls of priests asleep at the wheel and apostles weak and hiding, the demons are not being exorcised.

We've got big problems! BIG.

Please keep this in mind when you watch the Holy Father. The man is not a liberal and he is not unfaithful. He gets what is going down in the spiritual world and has made the conscious decision to call the deceived to the Light with different tools.

I am on board this game plan. We all have to get on board the game plan. There are not that many of us who are spiritually awake, alert and oriented and have the tools to help carry it out.

It is critical to focus on the people and things around us.

Look, we all know there a few things going awry with the Pope Francis shtick, some of them quite seriously awry. It is just as critical to address these spiritual matters as they are making our job impossible to do on the ground.

Let's take another look at Joanie.

Deception from the devil is a gift that keeps on giving.

Under the influence of deception, Joanie deceives.

Strange as it may seem in the 21st century, the issue is whether or not women are capable of hearing diverse speakers and still remain faithful Catholics. The issue is whether or not women religious may discuss various points of view on major issues and still remain faithful Catholics.

The idea that a group of nuns is simply attempting to faithfully practice their religion and assisting others to do so by assembling a conference filled with resources and speakers who dissuade people from resisting temptation, is hogwash.

Would they hold a conference for drug addicts and arrange speakers to speak about the benefits of smoking pot and how to hoodwink your doctor into getting a prescription for the legal drug-pushing facilities popping up?

Would they hold a conference on the sexual exploitation of dysfunctional women through legal prostitution by arranging for madames running legal brothels in Nevada to talk about the reasons why operating legal prostitution rings is a great service to humanity?

Of course not.

Nuns dedicated to assisting Catholics with tools that help us resist temptation and sin arrange speakers who talk about ways to recognize temptation and sin and give us ideas we can put into practice every day.

The devil spends his life learning how we are outwitting him and getting more creative. We are on a constant vigil for the battle for our soul. Those of us living and practicing our religion need as many resources as we can get our hands on.

Nobody in their right mind would attend a talk geared towards turning off the promptings of the Holy Spirit. Nobody in their right mind would call it 'diversity'.

The word for it is 'diabolical'.

This group of nuns is not on the pursuit for truth. Those in possession of the tools of salvation know exactly what they are pursuing and why. Many of us have personal experiences from the presentation of their disordered resources and we know how it misled from Christ.

Those of us lucky enough to have found our way to Sanctifying Grace in spite of them have a front-row seat to their destruction of another generation. The show is more upsetting than the muslim genocide of Christians. Much more upsetting.

But let us speak the truth. Joanie has one very valid point.

Priests and Bishops have been getting away with the same thing for years without any such intervention.

Why go after the nuns and not the Jesuits?

After all, the Jesuits are the ones who really have the keys to the temporal goods in our Catholic schools.

For instance, take a look at the most recent crack pipe offered to our children from the kook operating Boston College, Fr. William Leahy.

Leahy has arranged for an atheist who describes religion as a crime and Sacred Scripture as a hilarious and deeply-twisted joke to speak at our Catholic school. Holy See is concerned about a group of nuns dying on the vine?

With all due respect, the magnitude of damage the Jesuits are doing goes on generation after generation.

Why wouldn't intervention of the Jesuits be the priority?

Is it because the Jesuits are men? The good old boys?

Frankly, I am no feminist but I've wracked my brains and I cannot think of any other reason why they're being protected.

Furthermore, isn't Pope Francis himself arranging a Synod on the theology of the family by selecting one of the nuttiest theologians in his See?

Why would the Pope himself appoint an apostate to guide discussions on theology at a Synod, the effects of which will be catastrophic and inter-generational throughout the entire world, while focusing on straining the gnat with a couple of hundred nuns, most of whom have no influence or ministries due to the fact they are 90 years old?

Another theological crackpot, Cardinal Schönborn, recently articulated the expected fruit from the Pope Francis Big Tent where heresy and chaos is presented.

The reigning Pope for the last 17 months from Argentina knows "no prohibitions of discussions," said the chairman of the Austrian Bishops' Conference...

Here it is in all its simplicity: If it's wrong for Joan Chittister, it's wrong for Pope Francis. Period.

Therein lies the serious credibility problem Pope Francis has with faithful Catholics.

"Reforms", the magical magic word was actively worked from Vienna's archbishop in this interview. "Changes" and "pace of change" would also be the "hot potatoes" like the approval of remarried divorcees to Communion and the abolition of priestly celibacy, says the Cardinal. With the only restriction of the little word "perhaps". Schönborn, is so certain of the papal reforms that he spoke of "signs and wonders" that will be "done" by Pope Francis.

The Pope is selecting, appointing, arranging for speakers at a Synod whom the Pope knows or should know will present the deceptive theology that divorced and remarried Catholics could receive Communion. We know that he knows that Cardinal Kasper subscribes to these ideas and has in fact presented them as previews of the featured presentation at the upcoming Synod.

Cardinal Kasper has affirmed the theological heresy will be presented at the Synod.

Cardinal Schönborn is salivating.

The general aim was "to put the gospel in the first place" and to make the Church "more Jesus". The "difficulty" is the discernment of spirits, because "who proclaim the gospel, are ready for the reform, or who resist reforms."

Consecrate in poverty, not truth, is making the Church 'more Jesus'.

Discernment of spirits indeed. And, on its face, it isn't looking very good for current occupant of the Chair of Peter.

The possible presentation of deception from a reigning Pope is kicking the gut of faithful Catholics.

We know that he knows what Joan Chittister is doing is wrong and requires intervention.

If he does it himself, the remainder of his papacy will be anathema. I personally know many lifelong faithful Catholics who are already praying the next Pope will be a faithful and unravel the damage already done to the teachings of the Church.

It is a sad situation. But if it rolls out, this too shall pass.


rubyroad said...

"Please keep this in mind when you watch the Holy Father. The man is not a liberal and he is not unfaithful. He gets what is going down in the spiritual world and has made the conscious decision to call the deceived to the Light with different tools."


Netmilsmom said...

I firmly believe, The Jesuits put this Pope in. A Polish Jesuit held the report about the Homoheresy in the Vatican. I believe that document went to the conclave and was used to get the votes the Jesuits wanted. I may be wrong.
Pope Francis may be a good and holy man but his handlers are not.

Anonymous said...

I normally agre with you, but also disagree strongly with you on a key point you made. This "pope", if you can call him that, is probably the most liberal we have ever had and seems to have no regard for the truths of the Catholic faith. He has shown himself to be a heretic on many occasions. Why put a theological whack job like Kasper out there for something as important and potentially devastating to our faith as this and praise him if you are faithful? He is clearly a liberal. Not sure how you can see it any other way.

TTC said...

That is some post at Rorate. I missed that one! But no surprises as we all know the mafia exists and is the controlling power in the Church.

TTC said...

Thanks Ruby and Anon. With respect to whether or not Pope Francis is faithful to doctrine, he has yet to express his fidelity and has said many scandalous things that would incline the listener to believe he is not. So, I understand where you're coming from and agree there is very little evidence from which I base my gut feelings.